Become stronger with CSS

2020 has become a test of strength for almost everyone. Realizing that in the midst of a pandemic, NGOs are forced to urgently update their social assistance mechanisms, we launched «Stronger with CSS» grant program and were not mistaken. This summer, we received over 500 applications from charity foundations, 17 of which became program winners and have been implementing their projects since October thanks to CSS funding.

Expert comments

The misson of our foundation is to help NGOs and charities that help vulnerable Russian families become stronger. Primarily through our “Stronger with CSS” grant competition. Therefore, we are very attentive to your comments, questions and wishes, and today, upon numerous requests, we are ready to disclose the main comments of the experts.

CSS answers the questions

The CSS Foundation team answers the most popular questions of recent months.

Autumn becomes warmer with CSS

Last week we visited our friends Space for communication center and even saw the lesson for a group of children aged 10+.

Results of "Stronger with CSS" grant program

We have been waiting for this day no less than you. The day we will announce the winners of our first “Stronger with CSS” grant competition.

We visited our partners - the Second Wind Foundation

Today we visited our partners - the Second Wind Foundation. SW team extends the life of things and helps you lead a sustainable and conscious lifestyle.

Second round of “Stronger with CSS” competition

CSS Charity Foundation is ready to announce the second round of “Stronger with CSS” grant program for NGOs.



We received so many applications from NGOs and we want to thank each applicant.

3 days left

While telegram channels and FB groups writing about charity remind of the last days of our “Stronger with CSS” grant program, we decided to tell you about next steps.

Our team has grown even more

Our team has grown even more, and we are pleased to introduce you to our new project manager Sofia Berezkina.

The Family Inclusive Camp for children with mental disabilities

We are pleased to announce that our foundation has supported another wonderful project - the Family Inclusive Camp for children with mental disabilities.

Project “Zaluzhie”

After the announcement of “Stronger with CSS” charity program, we received not only new applications, but questions as well: what/who is CSS? With whom CSS cooperates?

3 questions to Natalia Kovalenko

Only 3 days have passed since the announcement of “Stronger with CSS”, charity program, but we have already received applications from different parts of Russia. To help applicants to figure out what our foundation is going to finance and what projects we prefer, in our rubric #3questions we talked with Natalia Kovalenko, director of project activities.

Stronger with CSS: We are waiting for your projects!

Now it's official! Today, on June 1, we are launching a charity program for NGOs “Stronger with CSS”.

Stronger with CSS

During the period of several months, we have been working hard on a new grant program that will help many NGOs realize their projects.

3 questions to Natalia Conroy

We often introduce our partners, projects and beneficiaries to you, however we rarely talk about ourselves. That’s why, not everybody knows how our foundation is organized and who the members of our team are. So today we are starting a #3questions rubric to give you a chance to meet us, to share our current tasks and plans for the future.

UMKA online now

Someone has already managed to get tired of life online, and someone is just beginning to learn all the delights of communication and activities through Zoom and Skype.

Support talents with CSS

An extension of quarantine for another 2 weeks is no reason to stop. CSS Foundation and “Start in life” charity foundation has teamed up to launch the “Support Talents with CSS” project.

Workshop "Children in a Difficult Situation: Between Family and State Care"

As we already wrote, the work of CSS foundation in the new conditions has completely switched to online mode. But this fact did not become a reason to miss important meetings and events in the industry. So, last week ended with a workshop “Children in a Difficult Situation: Between Family and State Care”, which was visited by our foundation’s president Natalya Conroy and strategic development director Alexandra Telitsyna. Of course, online.


So many online lessons have been done with CSS support from September 2019 to March 2020 as part of the Distance Learning project of Center of equal opportunities Step Up.

Stay home, but effective

Despite the stayhome mode, we continue to work. Of course, in the new conditions. And our partners, whose projects we support, are also adapting to the changing circumstances. Alexandra Telitsyna held an online meeting with the Space for Communication center and found out how they were doing.

How can everyone improve the world today?

Dear friends, Now we are all going through hard times. But we know that any crisis opens up new possibilities as well. For example, now each of us can do charity work without the help of funds, millions of fees and publicity in media.

CSS Foundation has decided to move on online operation

Like many companies all over the world, CSS Foundation has decided to move on online operation - we care about the health and safety of people we help, our team and colleagues.

Mishmash, but according to plan

We decided to write about programs and activities that are implemented with the support of our foundation.

Happy World NGO day!

Today, February, 27 the whole world celebrates World NGO Day. This holiday is an occasion to express gratitude and appreciation to non-profit organizations for their indifference, support for those who most need help, for their contribution to solving social problems.

Round table “Certificate for housing for orphans: you can’t put off the launch”

It's no secret that the CSS foundation team is concerned about children independent living - graduates of orphanages. When a child has parents, they can often help with buying a new property or to allocate a share in family property. Children without parental care have no such chance. Alexandra Telitsyna took part in the round table “Certificate for housing for orphans: you can’t put off the launch”.

Strategy development director Alexandra Telitsyna took part in working group meeting.

Strategy development director Alexandra Telitsyna, member of the working group "The Child and His Right to Family" in the Russian national project "Decade of childhood", took part in working group meeting.

Last week CSS team took part in a business breakfast

Last week CSS team took part in a business breakfast on the occasion of Philgood project launch at the MMOMA Education Center.

Working meetings with partners are always mutually enriching

Working meetings with partners are always mutually enriching

Last week of 2019

New Year's Eve is not only pleasant chores, but the last opportunity to meet with partners this year and discuss working issues as well.

CSS Giveaway

This week we are launching #wemade2019better giveaway. According to the results, we will reward those participants (with our warm hoodies and eco bags) whose stories will amaze us the most.

Big Change workshop and resource center

A short time ago, the president of our foundation, Natalia Conroy, and the director of program development Natasha Kovalenko, took part in a strategic session of long-term financing for the sustainable development of the Big Change Fund.

Giving Tuesday

Today, a large-scale action of generosity, kindness and attention takes place all over the world - #GivingTuesday

"Profi" program progress

Today we visited our friends and partners – The center of equal opportunities “Step up”.

Quarter Louis social project

Director of project activities Natasha Kovalenko went to Penza to visit the unique Quarter Louis social project.

Join forces

CSS Strategic Development Director Alexandra Telitsyna took part in the Second All-Russian Conference “The Experience and Role of Non-Profit Organizations in the Protection and Welfare of Childhood: Join forces”.

Deloitte business breakfast

The current activities of any charity foundation are not only solutions to the problems «here and now», but work to overcome the causes of their occurrence as well.

Home Sweet Home

CSS Foundation Russia team, led by Chairman David Russell, visited the Bielsko-Ustyiensky orphanage for mentally retarded children in the Pskov region and Zaluzhie village. CSS financed the construction of houses for the accompanied independent living of graduates of the orphanage.

Step by step with "Step up"

We are pleased to announce our new cooperation with the center of equal opportunities “Step up”. This is a Russian charity that works with residents and graduates of both correctional orphanages and psychoneurological institutions.

Our new partner and friend - "Space for Communication" center

We've visited our friends today...

Big Change with CSS Foundation

CSS Moscow Office is pleased to announce that we started cooperation with the Big Change Charity Foundation.

CSS Charity Foundation is now registered, in the Russian Federation

CSS Charity Foundation is now registered, in the Russian Federation

CSS Partners with Operation Restore Hope, in the Philippines

With CSS funding and logistical support, ORH will empower the staff of partner hospitals with training, equipment, supplies and support to ensure that all their patients receive ongoing care and to promote the potential for the hospital to serve its Las Piñas community independently in the future.