Until the end of the twentieth century, the primary approach to addressing child and family issues was to focus on rehabilitation and leveling out the consequences of difficult behavior in children. However, since the 1990s, the concept of Positive Youth Development has been gaining an increasingly strong foothold in the global community.

Positive youth development uses a comprehensive programmatic approach that prioritizes the empowerment and development of young people’s strengths as they grow into adulthood.

Numerous studies show that those who had access to the greatest amount of assets, such as knowledge, skills, competencies, psychological and social support, practice, etc., in their childhood and adolescent years stand a greater chance of becoming successful adults, and are much less likely to end up in a risk group and require rehabilitation.

We consider this approach to be the most effective way to prevent child and adolescent issues, and have decided to support, beginning from 2022, non-profit organizations that share and practice the principles of positive development of children and teenagers to promote the formation of active, engaged and competent youth.

Key principles of Positive Youth Development


Each person follows a unique development path. Open access to resources, skills, and competencies is necessary for a child to discover his or her strengths and unlock the personal potential to the highest extent.



Young people live in an atmosphere of trust, make independent decisions about their personal and professional paths, freely set goals to achieve the desired outcomes, and act without fear of retribution.



Youth enjoy the same rights as adults with regard to their own projects and development trajectories. Youth are encouraged, are given a voice, and have the opportunity to lead and make final decisions.


Enabling environment

Young people grow and develop in a safe and enabling environment. Such an environment maximizes opportunities for self-discovery and creates an open and trusting attitude towards the world while fostering the development of all necessary social and emotional competencies.


Supporting children by providing access to all of the above principles of the Concept is the key to successful development of children and youth, and a steadfast contribution to society and the future of our country.

We firmly believe that the principles of positive youth development should be implemented at family level and across all social institutions, and that children on their way to maturity should be able to enjoy the support of trained, responsible and resourceful adults.