Throw it away? No way!

Have you ever gone to a repair cafe? Most likely not, because in Russia there are almost none. This is the format of a social workshop where people repair bicycles, computers, phones, clothes and household utensils brought from home for free.

In November 2020, the "Second Wind" charity foundation, one of the winners of "Stronger with CSS" grant program, will open the first repair cafe in Kostroma on the territory of the art cluster center for contemporary art "Tsekh 1939". In the meantime, we are sharing the very first photos of the future cafe.

Repair cafe solves several problems:

  1. it is possible to repair broken equipment and things and save money without buying new ones.
  2. you can learn new skills, do something with your own hands, meet other artists and exchange experiences. This develops horizontal connections, strengthens the local community, and is a useful form of leisure for children and adults.
  3. access to free equipment opens up opportunities for self-employment and increased family income. It is assumed that our "repair cafe" will have a coworking area where craftsmen can work on their own orders, sharing equipment and ordering materials.

Repair cafe is aimed at both children and their parents. Children will be able repair your broken bikes, customize your backpacks, school supplies, shoes, and clothing so that they get an updated look and don't have to buy new ones.

Parents (mostly men) they can use carpentry and power tools to repair more serious appliances and create new products.

Experienced specialists who are constantly on duty in the workshop, conduct training, and monitor compliance with safety regulations are responsible for the safety and training of incoming participants.