Project "Patronus". Results

We have already told you about our project "Patronus". Let us remind that this is a specialized legal service that provides free, fast-response, highly professional assistance throughout Russia. And we want to end this working week with fantastic results that our colleagues have shown in the work of the service.
  • In October 2020, the decision to recover moral damage from the Samara Perinatal Center in favor of the family of the disabled child Sasha Stupachenko came into force. It took several months for Paronus's lawyers to obtain payment of the recovered funds. At the end of March, the family received 1,200,000 rubles. Patronus lawyers have accompanied the family in the trial since 2018.
  • The Mirzoyan family received a two-room apartment in Kaliningrad with an area of 60.8 sq.m. as a result of the persistence of the Patronus lawyers. According to the court decision, a disabled child with a serious illness must be provided with living quarters, the decision came into force in September 2020. We contacted the city administration and complained to the prosecutor's office. On April 29, Mikael and his parents moved to a new apartment.
  • The family of a disabled child, Savin Matvey, permanently lives in Balashikha, Moscow region, in an apartment owned by his father. Local authorities refused to provide the family with benefits for housing and communal services due to the fact that the permanent registration was in Moscow. On the proposal of the prosecutor's office, made after our appeal, the benefits were formalized through pre-trial settlement.