Project “Toropyzhki”

A few years ago, one mother from Denmark tied an octopus toy with spiral tentacles for her premature baby After baby spent some time with the toy, he became calmer, and his breathing returned to normal. Such therapeutic toys began to spread throughout the world. They came to Holland, Sweden, Belgium, and then to Russia.

CSS Charity Foundation is pleased to support “Toropyzhki” project in Vladimir (Russia), the main goal is to improve the quality of nursing and comprehensive rehabilitation of premature babies.

As part of the project, together with our colleagues, we plan to fully provide the departments of premature babies in the region with consumables (blankets, covers, mittens, socks, octopuses, hats, nests in incubators, toys-covers for droppers).

Knitted products not only warm the baby, but also make a kind of massage due to a special textured knitting, stimulate the nerve endings on the skin, use reflexes, motivating him to move.