Partnership for Every Child

We are starting a series of posts about our business trips and personal acquaintances with CSS grantees. Olga Suslova returned from St. Petersburg, where she met her colleagues from the Partnership for Every Child Foundation.

Together we are implementing the “Active Family Support Service” project, which is running in 3 districts of the Leningrad region: Volkhovsky, Vsevolozhsky and Luga.

The project is aimed at targeted assistance to socially unprotected families. The work includes a wide range of activities: assistance in logistics for social services of the district, motivational work, accompaniment in institutions and representation of family interests, settling conflicts within the family, classes on parenting competencies, providing assistance in improving living conditions, etc.

The main goal is to determine what is the risk factor for separation of the child from the parents and try to influence these factors.

At the moment, 38 families have already received assistance from the project.