Moscow Donors Forum Conference

Today we want to tell you about Moscow Donors Forum Conference. It is a key discussion platform for practitioners of philanthropy and social investment in Russia. The annual conference brings together leading experts in the field of philanthropy and social investment, representatives of business, charitable foundations, government bodies and the scientific and academic community.

СSS Foundation is pleased to be a participant in such a large-scale and significant event in the world of charity this year.

The theme of this year's conference reflects the special spirit of the times in which we live - “Charity and social investment in the face of uncertainty: lessons, challenges and opportunities”.

“It was really interesting and useful to take part in the Donors Forum Conference, to finally meet offline with colleagues and partners, said Natalia Kovalenko, President of CSS Foundation. "This year our foundation is taking part in the conference for the first time, and I especially want to note the high level of the speakers' presentations and the extremely topical theme, which, I am sure, excites absolutely everyone in the sector".