Our team is already thinking about the charity program for NGOs 2022

"Stronger with CSS" program has not ended yet this year, and our team is already thinking about the formats of the charity program for NGOs in 2022.

So, CSS decided to focus on separate themes for each contest next year. One of these areas will be support for educational projects.

On November 10, we had a meeting with invited experts in order to identify the most acute and urgent problems in the field of education. The topic of the meeting was a discussion of current trends in this area, as well as gaps and ways to solve them. It is important for us that CSS Foundation is as effective as possible in its grant assistance to other NGOs throughout Russia and can both close pain points and support growth points in the educational environment.

Each expert, due to his personal and professional experience, shared his vision and suggested possible directions. Various ideas were put forward: from a general change in the childhood environment in the educational context to targeted support for tutoring or the community around schools.

We still have a difficult choice of vectors for the new competition, and what it will be - you will find out in 2022. In the meantime, we invite you to try on the role of experts: what (or who), in your opinion, in the topic of children's education needs support now?