Glued at the hip

In the summer, “Our Children" foundation received our grant for Complex work with families in crisis, where there is a risk taking children to the orphanage (in the city of Smolensk and the Smolensk region).

In the project "Glued at the hip", the main emphasis is on a systematic approach to accompanying families, comprehensive provision of services by an interdisciplinary team (social educator, psychologist, lawyer, assistance in finding a job).

An agreement has already been signed on joint activities with the Education Committee of the Smolensk region. In August and September 2021, work continued to support families in difficult life situations and with the risk of children getting into child care.

Now the foundation's work on prevention is being carried out:

  • with cases of 105 families in which 242 children live

At the moment, the fund's specialists have conducted:

  • 378 visits
  • 646 consultations of social teachers
  • 93 consultations of psychologists with families