New Year's holidays are coming and with them all related thematic events and master classes

So the guys from the Career Guidance group of Downside up charity foundation painted clay toys under the guidance of the jeweler Sergey Zamyshlyaev.

In the Daytime Employment group, there was a master class on table setting from the volunteer and friend of Downside Up Martin Bogarts. Martin Bogarts is the owner of Bogarst Butlers, with experience of working at three royal courts, an expert in the field of etiquette and protocol, head of the first Russian Butler School. At the master class, Martin told the children how to properly set the table, so that it was not just according to the rules of etiquette, but convenient and beautiful as well.

In December, a culinary workshop began to work actively, in 2 classes guys already learned how to work safely in the kitchen, tried to make homemade mayonnaise and make two different salads.

Master classes in Downside Up charity foundation were held as part of our joint project “More than work. Socialization and integration of people with Down syndrome into society”.

The project activities are aimed at ensuring the social inclusion of people with different levels of opportunities in the modern public space, including through increasing their level of independence, the ability to use different ways to communicate with people and participation in labor activities.