"My son can do everything!"

Such important words, and we are happy that they are spoken by the parents of the participants of the teenage group of the Open Doors project.

In May, as part of the project, children from the Equal Opportunities Charitable Foundation in the city of Oryol visited the Young Heroes Trail.

Thanks to the support of CSS, it became Inclusive this year.Colleagues did a tremendous job - they organized and implemented the training of volunteers, prepared children from 3.5 to 14 years old for team interaction.Children, teenagers and their parents in the team race not only overcame all obstacles, but also showed that they had learned to interact with each other, help each other, hear and listen to each other. They communicated with all their peers, asked how best to overcome this or that obstacle, were not afraid of difficulties and even crossed the water ford!

Parents did not lag behind their children and thanked that our foundations gave them this day of happiness. “It was today that I realized that my Son can do anything! I looked and did not believe that he was not afraid, did not cry, did not scream, but was stubbornly moving towards his goal! How I wish that projects like ours continued, because no one else does this, everyone is afraid of our children,” said the mother of Vlad S., a member of the teenage group of the project

We attach an album with photos so that you can feel the atmosphere and mood of that day!