News from the winners of the «Stronger with CSS»

Online Adaptation and habilitation center for foster partnership

- from our partners - "He needs you" foundation

Thanks to the victory in our “Stronger with CSS-2021” grant competition and five years of experience and expertise of colleagues, was “born” the Center, which combined individual projects and targeted assistance programs into a single ecosystem, for the widest possible access to its resources for candidates and foster families raising children with developmental features.

The project is especially valuable for geographically remote areas experiencing a lack of access to medical, rehabilitation, psychological and systemic assistance.

This project aims to support:

  • candidates for foster parents to help them assess their resourcefulness at the time of making a decision on foster parenthood and choosing a child;
  • foster families during the adaptation period, to prevent returns, facilitate adaptation, help in building an individual route (medical, rehabilitation, adaptation) for a child at the initial stage of being in a family, when it is most difficult.

What has already been done: 

  • The online platform of the project has been improved: convenient and quick access to the Knowledge Base is provided, which includes all the necessary information in the most convenient and understandable form. 
  • The program of the training course has been designed and posted, recordings of webinars have been posted for self-study. 
  • 4 video interviews with specialists on various children's diagnoses and diseases developed and posted  A training course was held for 4 popular modules - they are listed in the pictures to the post.
  • 120 families from 26 cities successfully completed trainin.

Two more courses are planned next year.

We'll keep you posted.