Roller sledge hockey

CSS and the Adaptive Hockey Federation open up new opportunities for boarding school students!

Roller sledge hockey is a new inclusive sport, three cities have been chosen in Russia, where sections will be opened as an experiment.

Novosibirsk is the first city in Russia where a section of roller sledge hockey has appeared. On the basis of a correctional boarding school for children with special needs. The project is federal.

In the 22/23 hockey season, boarding schools from three more cities — Kostroma, Moscow and Astrakhan — will join the project in test mode. Inventory and protective equipment for children to practice roller sledge hockey have been transferred to these institutions, in addition, experienced coaches will come to each city to instruct physical education teachers - they will talk about the features of setting up equipment individually for each child, and will hold the first demonstration classes.

At the end of the year, 4 teams will be formed from all the children involved, which will meet in Moscow at their first tournament.

This project was made possible thanks to our grant. We congratulate our colleagues and wish an easy start to such a long and interesting journey!