Patronus lawyers are ready to answer your charity beneficiaries' questions


The project "Patronus" ( has been helping families who have children with disabilities to solve any legal problems for more than 12 years.
The experience of the project's lawyers is unique: all the issues that arise for such families in the process of contact with state bodies of education, social protection, healthcare are successfully resolved.
For the last few years Patronus has been sharing its knowledge of the rights of children with disabilities, training parents to take independent action to protect the children's rights.
For several years the project has been funded by CSS.

Patronus offers one or two webinars for your company as follows.
1. You interview your beneficiaries and identify issues they are interested in or problems they have already encountered. "Patronus" does not answer questions related to intrafamily conflicts.
2. You send a list of questions to:
3. "Patronus" agrees on a date for the webinar.

Applications will be accepted until February 28.

Patronus can also organize a webinar on all federal benefits available to families with children with disabilities