Pskov keep winning

Our joint project with the Pskov Children's Foundation "Friendship Ball: Strengthening the family" ended a year ago. But how nice and important it is to understand, that children continue to train, compete and win!

Today we received a letter from Pskov colleagues and learned that the 10th anniversary football tournament for children from orphanages of the Pskov region was recently ended. 13 teams from 7 orphanages of the region took part in this event.

"We are glad that the children did not gave up with football at the end of the project! Coaches of schools continue to work with children, fuel their interest in football, set them up for further victories and achievements in sports. All this is possible thanks to our joint work with you," colleagues from the Children's Fund told us. “We say a huge thank you to your entire team for supporting the guys in the Pskov region!”

In 2021, the Pskov regional branch of the Russian Children's Foundation won the Stronger with CSS contest. Thanks to our financial support, throughout 2022, trainings were held for specialists working with children, sports equipment was purchased, the necessary repairs of sports facilities were carried out, sports training, a tournament and a festival were organized.