Spread your Wings!

It's important to Mom! – the slogan of the project, which was supported by our foundation.

The project of the "Spread your Wings!" foundation with such a touching and serious name at the same time is a partnership initiative with the participation of non-profit and government organizations to replicate in the regions of Russia a model of comprehensive social support for young mothers in difficult life situation, who themselves had experience of orphanhood.

Thanks to the project, young mothers from different regions of Russia were able to improve their parental competencies related to the upbringing and development of children. Thanks to the support, the girls learned to overcome their problems on their own and, most importantly, they kept the most valuable thing, the opportunity to be with their child in any situation, to save their family. After all, this is very important.

Also, thanks to the financial support of CSS, training of specialists was organized – leading schools of conscious parenting and coordinators in the regions. The training of school leaders was conducted by "ABC of the Family", who, previously, were also winners of our competition "Stronger with CSS". We are incredibly excited to meet colleagues through a single handshake.

The feedback we received from young mothers about the project cannot be conveyed in a few sentences. But maybe a poem composed by one of the participants of the project will give some idea of the significance of the project for the beneficiaries who have become such relatives.