Inclusive Social and Pedagogical Support Center was created in the families with many children village

Summer is a good time to visit the winner of the CSS competitions, the "Family Tale" village.

10 years ago active parents of Novosibirsk managed to get the land they needed to build 66 houses for families with many children. The result was the creation of a large community of like-minded people where all residents are united by the same values of lifestyles and parenting.

There are 60 families and over 300 children in the community, including foster children and children with disabilities.

CSS helps "Family Tale" in the educational direction. Thanks to a grant from our foundation, the "Big Change" Inclusive Social and Pedagogical Support Center was created in the settlement.

Now children can receive quality after-school education right in their native village. For example, they can work with tutors to prepare for exams or overcome pedagogical neglect. The center also offers classes for parents, including foster parents and parents of children with special needs. Previously, residents of the village had to travel to the nearest town for such meetings, which made life much more challenging.

We have been supporting the "Fairy Tale" for two years now and we have seen the quality of the educational projects transformed: there are more specialists who share their knowledge and support families, agreements have been reached with the administration of the local school to use its premises for developmental activities, and cooperation with neighboring communities is taking place. Last summer, for example, an inclusive summer camp was organized as part of a CSS grant that brought together storytellers and children from other villages.

The project is consistent with the Concept of Positive Youth Development: providing children with a wide range of opportunities to develop their strengths and ensuring that they live in a safe, friendly environment.

"Family Fairy Tale" is so far the only village of its kind among our applicants; we would like to see this experience scaled up in numerous Russian villages.