Portfolio of Social Competencies

School is a place where a large part of a child's life takes place. It is here that the personality is formed, talents are discovered, and the vector for the pupil's future professional development is set.

Ideally, school should be one of the most resourceful places in the process of growing up, but unfortunately, this is not always the case. Especially for children in difficult life situations, such as from low-income, foster or dysfunctional families.

The Center for Social Pedagogical Assistance became the winner of our spring grant competition with the project "Portfolio of Social Competencies".

As part of the project, the Center will

- Will develop and implement a six-month course of supplementary social education for 64 elementary school children in precarious situations. This will help the children master the school program at their own pace and be successful in their studies.

- Will conduct a program to improve the pedagogical competence of specialists, parents, teachers from the closest environment of junior school children. The fact is that teachers and foster parents do not always interact easily. Teachers have a school schedule and deadlines, and children in precarious situations have peculiarities that need to be taken into account in the learning process. The course will help adults to master the techniques of pedagogical support of children in learning, communication and emotional sphere.

- The Center will organize an interregional conference and publish a book on supplementary social education for younger schoolchildren with learning and communication difficulties.

The project is currently organizing a children's camp "Academy of Success". By the end of the summer, 60 children will attend the camp. The main goal of the camp is to teach children how to interact with each other through master classes, creative and sports activities and to show them that it is much more effective to achieve their goals through perseverance, work and active cooperation.

We are following the project with great interest!