The "Stronger with CSS. Acting together" Competition is in full swing!

Tell how the qualifying stage of the competition is held

The Foundation's experts - professionals in the field of mentoring, child protection, social design, psychology and pedagogy - evaluated 96 applications that had previously passed the technical review. Based on the results of the evaluation, the CSS Competition Committee recommended 14 mentoring projects that best met all the criteria of the competition and the Foundation's priorities.

The CSS team is now in the process of conducting online interviews with the teams of these projects. We listen carefully to the applicants, ask questions, inquire about the project's prospects, the motivation of the beneficiaries, and much more.

It is very interesting to get to know new foundations and to communicate with finalists from previous years.

We must choose 10 winners. Not an easy task as we have already chosen the best of the best!

The winners of the "Stronger with CSS. Acting Together" Competition  will be announced on September 1.