Inclusion Day

Accessible education is very important for children and teenagers to grow in positive ways.

We're glad to see more Russian schools giving full education to pupils with special health needs. And it's amazing that foundations support schools in their path to inclusion. This raises a generation of tolerant, empathetic people and develops a society where everyone can find their way in life.

We are happy to introduce the Perspektiva Foundation's project, "Practices of Inclusion in Public Schools." The project's goal is to improve access to quality education for children with disabilities and develop a culture of inclusion in the school community by introducing best practices in the educational process.

In September Perspektiva Foundation organized an Inclusion Day for pupils at School No. 1 in Ivanteevka. The event had various master classes that allowed pupils to learn more about the lives of people with disabilities, better understand them, and break stereotypes that prevent communication, friendship, and productive interaction.

The CSS team was the special guest at Inclusion Day.

  • The project is the winner of the "Stronger with CSS. School of Opportunities" competition.