Adaptive sports conference

All our experience shows that sport is one of the most effective tools for including children with special needs in a full life. And also to create a truly inclusive society, where different people are ready to interact and through cooperation become more successful, stronger and better off.

Our belief in sports is so strong that we aim to establish the infrastructure and process for developing an adaptive sport from the ground up. We chose a sport that is underdeveloped in Russia, which makes it all the more intriguing!

During a recent conference in Kazan, we gained significant practical insights. We learned how to work with authorities, create and expand teams, collaborate with organizations, find coaches, and talked about the significance and details of building a fan base. We returned from the conference with a detailed plan of future actions!  

We would like to thank the conference organizer Adaptive Hockey Federation, our partner and winner of the "Stronger with CSS" Competition.

And take this opportunity to share the success of the Federation and our joy! In 2022 CSS supported the project for the development of sledge hockey, which was in its infancy at that time. And now the Ministry of Education is interested in roller hockey for children with disabilities and it is very likely that the project will be developed at a new pace at the state level.