Educate and help to separate

This is how we can summarize the work that Big Change is doing in Novosibirsk.

Specialists from the Moscow office gathered a team that is trained to work with children from vulnerable groups. They provide support and supervision and help establish team interaction and build processes - including fundraising.

A stable and efficiently functioning branch of Big Change has been established in Novosibirsk.

Over 100 children, who have experienced orphanhood, health challenges and family difficulties, now receive quality educational support and various opportunities for socialization. These resources will help these children obtain a good education, select a career, and find their place in the world.

For instance, the project team recently went to Angioline factory, which is Russia's exclusive company creating and producing medical equipment for interventions in cardiology. In this type of surgery, no incision is necessary, and the afflicted organ can be accessed through blood vessels, which is especially important for heart and brain surgeries.

The guys were able to see how modern factory work, what professions and career paths are possible in this area, to look at the medical profession from a different perspective. We are sure that the experience for the guys was extremely useful, perhaps someone more accurately determined with the future profession.

And if they haven't yet, Big Change in Novosibirsk will definitely help them.