Everyone to work!

All attempts to prepare children with disabilities for adulthood will fail if society does not begin to accept them. Therefore, the most vital and most challenging task is to help people with disabilities find work in the open labor market. And help companies become inclusive. CSS stands with those who are making progress towards the time when anyone can use their skills in their preferred field.

We were eagerly waiting for news from "Happinow", which has a project called "Necessary Support" that helps young people with mental disabilities find employment.

We were thrilled to learn that within just two months, the foundation had found employment for six young people. Let us tell you about a few of them.

Matvey, who is 21 years old, works at a business that recycles materials.

"He has had no issues with his employer. The head of the organization recognized the obstacles he might face, but also identified Matvey's strengths - he is hardworking, dependable, and doesn't have any negative habits. Initially, we examined the work area, met the staff, and talked about everything. The young man got a safe job with a clear description of duties, and a flexible schedule. Currently, Matvey doesn't require any assistance, but we contact his employer every 1-2 weeks" - told the young man's handler.

3 more Foundation beneficiaries completed internships at the local bathing complex and will shortly begin working as food runners. Mentors observe that the organization's employees work well together and are willing to collaborate. "The workplace is well organized, and the tasks are as clear as possible. The guys' schedule is chosen to accommodate their needs".

The foundation became familiar with both employers through career guidance programs.