45 teenagers became more confident

The 'Self-confident' Project was completed, and developed soft skills in adolescents with experience of orphanhood.

To achieve success at work, it is important to have good relationships with colleagues, clients, and bosses, as well as to present yourself well, have critical thinking and emotional intellect. Developing soft skills can be challenging, especially for teenagers who have experienced orphanage. 

To solve this problem, the Family to Children Foundation has proposed an interesting project, which won our School of Opportunities Competition. Here is a brief overview. 

The project, called 'Self-confident,' aims to develop soft skills and social competencies and expand the horizons of vulnerable adolescents. 

The main beneficiaries were 45 children from social rehabilitation centers in the Sverdlovsk region. 

The Foundation conducted 12 group trainings and 9 face-to-face career guidance sessions in three organizations to help children understand themselves better, become more independent, and determine their individual life paths. 

The trainings focused on self-confidence, emotion management, self-presentation and other topics important for starting an independent and professional life. 

The children received individual career guidance sessions to learn about current professions, the modern job market, and education opportunities. These sessions helped them gain a better understanding of their career options. 

As part of the project, the Foundation created a website dedicated to helping children with orphanage experience adapt to adulthood. The website includes interactive tests and links to detailed materials on everyday life topics. You may find this information useful for your beneficiaries. Check out https://сироты.дети/.  

We are pleased that the project will continue even after our support ends. The Foundation has created a teenage club for graduates of boarding institutions who have started independent life. The club's main audience consists of children who participated in the 'Self-confident' project and have now entered colleges and universities. The support provided by the club is still important for them. It is fortunate that the Family for Children Foundation remains close by.