Knowing and feeling are not the same thing, are they?

Of course, professionals who work with children with special needs study in detail the signs and symptoms that characterize one's condition. This provides a solid theoretical basis. However, understanding what a teenager with PTSD or a child with autism is feeling can be challenging.

However, it is important to try. And games can help!

Interregional organization "Games of the Future" has completed the project "Feel", which CSS supported as part of the School of Opportunities Сompetition.

Game designers were invited to develop game plots that would allow professionals to experience what it is like to be a person with special needs.

Thanks to the project, 199 specialists from 13 specialized organizations were able to immerse themselves in the feelings of children. In addition, games dedicated to autism spectrum, eating, mood disorders, and experiencing PTSD have been adapted to an online format and will be available to specialists from different parts of Russia.

We received many positive comments in the reports. Read them on the cards.

The CSS Foundation was delighted to support such a modern, innovative project. We are confident that the approaches and techniques developed will help many other professionals, and therefore children as well.