The project of training accompanied living "Adults".


We would like to tell you about the project of training accompanied living "Adults".

In a Moscow apartment, young adults with mental disabilities learn to live independently. Participants plan their day and perform daily tasks that make up the routine of adults. Here, specialists of the foundation "Space of Communication" also work with the parents of the young people.

"Parents want their children's life at the training apartment being meaningful, filled with useful activities. That's why we spend a lot of time practicing everyday skills. We teach children to plan shopping and go to the store, to cook rationally, to clean up, to spend their free time in an interesting and beneficial way" - says Anastasia Ryazanova, director of the center "Space of Communication".

The foundation also shares its experience with colleagues. In November, the training apartment was visited by specialists from the Center "Sodeistvie" in Rostov-on-Don.

Colleagues highlighted many new ideas, including:

- on how to use alternative communication tools;

- on the organization of overnight stays;

- about the wide use of visual support in apartment design;

- and much more.

"Colleagues were inspired by ideas for organizing and adapting the environment. Our guests saw what utensils, devices we use to avoid additional barriers for the beneficiaries. These are all small things, but very important small things. We are glad to share our solutions, lifehacks and methods. We are sure this will lead to the development and increase of similar spaces across the country."