Professional prospects

This month marked the end of the "Try a Profession in Practice" mentoring program. Thanks to this program, students with disabilities were able to make useful contacts and immerse themselves in the profession they're studying.

With the help of mentors - IT and economics professionals - the students tried out their future professions in practice. They learned about the principles of working in large companies, developed their own business ideas and defended them in front of practicing professionals. 

CSS Foundation Manager Nikiforos attended the finals of the program, where young people presented their cases.

"All the ideas were very interesting. For example, a young man Rinat developed a project on online programming school. He described in detail all stages of development and disclosed the expected margin for a year and a half. Considering that there are practically no expenses and the initial capital does not exceed 150 000 rubles, the margin of 900 000 rubles is a great opportunity to develop this idea".

"Try a Profession in Practice" is only a small part of the important work on preparing disabled youth for employment that is carried out by Perspektiva Foundation within our "Acting Together" Competition.