Today we are 5 years old!


In 5 years we have met the best people in Russia - active, brave and caring. We have supported 121 social projects and supported organizations in their most important work - helping children, teenagers and young adults in difficult life situations.

For 5 years we have been growing professionally: we have defined and worked out the algorithms of the Competitions, gathered a team of reliable, independent experts in the field of child protection, clearly and consciously defined the areas of support.

And what is most important, we have managed to maintain warm and friendly relations with the beneficiaries.

This is confirmed by the following photo.

The photo shows part of the CSS Foundation team surrounded by residents of the village of Zaluzhye. This is where we are celebrating our fifth anniversary and where CSS began.

The photo shows graduates of the Belsko-Ustinsky Orphanage, children with mental disabilities who, with the support of wonderful people and organizations, have managed to change their life course and have been living interesting, fulfilling, dignified and independent lives for more than five years!

People change the world, we know that for sure! And we are happy to have been a reliable partner of your important initiatives for 5 years.