We're stronger together

A comprehensive approach to the integration and socialization of young people with mental disabilities in the Rostov region.

Teenagers enjoy socializing with friends in trendy places and exchanging messages on messengers. Young people with mental disabilities face unique challenges that can make it more difficult for them to communicate the world around them.

To befriend someone with mental disabilities, it is important to establish a common language. These individuals often communicate differently than the majority of people.

The Resource Center for Inclusive Practices 'Sodeistvie', the Foundation 'Big Brothers, Big Sisters', and the Department of Social Technologies at the Southern Federal University are collaborating to address this issue. Each partner in this collaboration has a specific task.

Sodeistvie specialists train children with ASD, cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, and other conditions to use alternative communication methods that help them express their feelings and desires. These methods assist in explaining their needs and wants.

The Big Brothers, Big Sisters foundation provides training and counseling for mentors of adolescents with disabilities.
The Department of Social Technologies at Southern Federal University offers training and practice for students to communicate with people with disabilities. Experienced practitioners from relevant organizations have created and supervise the course.

It is important to note that some students have already signed up to be mentors. This is both a personal choice and an opportunity to improve their professional competencies, better understand people with disabilities, gain experience, and help our society to blur the boundaries in communication between very different people.