Path to Career 2024

Olga Suslova joined the jury for the XVII annual competition for students and young professionals with special needs.

The competition is part of the annual educational project for young professionals with disabilities, which aims to prepare applicants for employment in business companies. This year, such companies as Severstal, MTS, Ancor, DRT, Fiba Retail, T-One, Axenix, Kaspersky, Select F, Kept, Mondelez, and Ecopsy were mentors for the applicants.

"I appreciate the opportunity to participate in this competition, thanks to the Perspektiva team. Being actively involved in the project helped me understand the importance of the idea, appreciate the partners' contributions, and feel the positive impact of the initiative on the beneficiaries.

Denis Roza, the founder of the Foundation, noted in her welcoming speech that when the idea of the project was born, Russian business did not understand what the word "inclusive" meant and confused it with "exclusive". This year marks the 17th edition of the competition. This event demonstrates the significant shift in societal and business attitudes towards individuals with disabilities.

Top executives and HR managers from large companies were among the judges and audience. Their in-depth questions were a testament to their genuine interest in each contestant's career aspirations and personality. Asking the right question at the right time can be a powerful catalyst for the positive development of young people. Witnessing the transformation in the participants' mindset was gratifying and inspiring.

The Path to Career 2024 competition is part of the "Business to young job seekers with disabilities: developing a system of mentoring and preparation for employment" project, which is being held this year in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Nizhny Novgorod, Voronezh and Kazan with the support of the CSS Foundation.