Mentor doctors for children with diabetes

The excellent idea of involving doctors in the mentoring process came from our partners at the Russian Diabetes Association (RDA). These mentors not only become reliable adults but also teach orphans with diabetes how to control the disease and live a fulfilling life with the diagnosis.

The RDA team has been supporting children with diabetes since 2014 and understands that adolescents have the worst disease control of any age group.

Teenagers from orphanages can be in a vulnerable position when they start living on their own, as they are used to having all procedures done for them by nurses.

It may be beneficial for orphanage administrations to consider the qualifications of mentors who provide support to their mentees, especially in the event of a medical emergency. Diabetes can be insidious and dangerous.

The photo shows Daniil at the Vladivostok seaport. The young man was brought here by his mentor, Natalia, because Danya is considering sea logistics as a possible career

Natalia is a pediatric endocrinologist. She believes that the doctor's regular attention and interest in her mentee will help control his blood sugar levels.

"Correction of insulin doses is not a complicated process, but without psychological and emotional support it is impossible to achieve stable results. And so the child begins to realize that he is interesting to the mentor not only with his disease, but also about him as a person. The mentee becomes motivated to be in good results. Thanks to remote monitoring I can see his blood sugar levels every day and we can discuss them together. The result of our communication was a decrease in glycated hemoglobin from 11.8 to 8.8% in two months".  

The project involves 38 children with diabetes from 15 regions of Russia. More than 30 mentors with medical education have already been trained to interact with teenagers with experience of orphanhood.

The "Alfo Endo" Project is part of the "Stronger with CSS. Acting Together" Competition.