Sharing experiences to be stronger

The Victoria Foundation organized an internship for professionals working with young people who have experience of orphanhood.

The aim was to gather information on how to organize quality post-internship care. The dialogue took place between specialists from the charitable sector and state-funded organizations. Such meetings most often lead to effective solutions and efficient results. 

The synergy was strengthened by the place that united the guests. The venue of the meeting was the Chance House, a unique project of the Open World Foundation. For 20 years, the Chance House has been providing shelter for orphanage graduates and counseling people with experience of orphanhood on legal, psychological, and everyday issues.

The internship is the second stage of the project. Earlier, online training was conducted for professionals who want to organize or improve this area within their activities. The course was attended by 45 people from 10 regions of Russia. The next stage is the publishing of a collection of methodological materials on helping young adults with the experience of orphanhood. The key goal of the project is to increase the competence of specialists from NGOs and state centers in the field of post-internship support. 

This comprehensive approach will bring closer the moment when any person with experience of orphanhood will be able to receive the necessary support in every corner of Russia.