Conference "Children of the Far East"

The Children of the Far East conference ended. It was important and full of information. Specialists from different parts of Russia came to Khabarovsk to share their experience with representatives of Far Eastern organizations helping children. The conference lasted two days.

Participants discussed the specifics and needs of different groups. Sessions were held on infants and teenagers, foster families, working with orphanages, parents with addictions, GR, and more.

Olga Suslova, President of the CSS Foundation, was among the invited federal experts. She spoke about the importance of constant communication between large and small organizations. About the necessity of sharing experience with new activists and volunteers. They often have fresh ideas about social problems and can offer new ways to solve them. Through mentoring and internships, these initiatives will grow into strong players influencing the well-being of vulnerable children. They will learn from others' mistakes and benefit from proven practices.

The conference was attended by 140 people from nine regions of the Far East.

Congratulations to the "There are no other people's children" Foundation for the first conference in the Far East dedicated to children in difficult circumstances.

Way to go!