Webinar "Growing up a person with special developmental needs"

Autonomous Nonprofit Organization "Centre for Development and Socialization of Children and Adults with Developmental Disabilities "Space for Communication" organized a webinar on an important topic: "Growing up of people with developmental needs" During the webinar participants discussed measures of support for adults with developmental disabilities and their parents.

We have learned how to help children with disabilities, but what about adults?

While the problems of children from vulnerable groups are being solved more quickly and effectively, adults with special needs, as well as their relatives, are still in dire need of systematic, accessible and qualified support.
There are practically no programs aimed at helping adults with special needs at the state level.
However, individual initiatives from non-profit organizations are gradually appearing.

It is time to discuss this openly! 
The charity foundation " Space of Communication" held a webinar "Growing up a person with special developmental needs". At the meeting we talked about expectations and hopes, assistance and services necessary to improve the quality of life of people with disabilities and their relatives.
The conversation turned out to be sincere and informative. We hope that assistance to adults will soon reach the same level as support for children. Seeing what specialists are engaged in this, we do not doubt the success!
The webinar was held in the framework of the project "Adults", the winner of the "Stronger with CSS. Becoming self-sufficient" Competition.

Webinar recording is available here