Mishmash, but according to plan

We decided to write about programs and activities that are implemented with the support of our foundation.

We have wonderful friends and partners - the center for the development and social adaptation for children and adults with mental disabilities “Space for Communication”. Our joint efforts are implementing a project of integrative programs for children and young adults with developmental disabilities.

Last Friday, Natalia Kovalenko, director of program development, became a participant in lesson for socialization group with an inclusive component for children from 6 to 8 years old.

Already from the threshold, all participants fell into the web from safe tearing threads imitating a laser maze, then listened to Kornei Chukovsky’s poem “Mishmash” and made animal figures from the poem. And at the end of the lesson, the children themselves prepared a salad with funchose. The topic of the lesson, as you might have guessed, was “Mishmash”.

“The lesson is conducted by two professional psychologists who struck me with a completely informal approach to the topic. The tasks are organized in such a way that the children have all the sensory organs involved and have a complete immersion in the subject” - said Natalia.

Between assignments, children were encouraged to create their own mishmash of safe thread. Natalia Kovalenko became a direct participant in a fun creative experiment, providing reliable support for the children imagination.

The CSS Foundation is pleased to be an accomplice and co-organizer of such informal, at the same time deep and fun activities that bring children not only obvious benefits, but also joy and happiness in the moment.