Stay home, but effective

Despite the stayhome mode, we continue to work. Of course, in the new conditions. And our partners, whose projects we support, are also adapting to the changing circumstances. Alexandra Telitsyna held an online meeting with the Space for Communication center and found out how they were doing.

Irina Dolotova, founder of the center: “Before, we had no experience working online, and at first we were very scared. Specialists used webinars in their work, but this was exclusively for employees, and not for parents and children. It turned out that everything was not so scary, but even very interesting, and some of the children were taught how to use a smartphone, all the children liked to watch the “video” - that is, online lessons were a great success.

The director of the center, Anastasia Ryazanova, said that at first all the employees were gushing with ideas on how to better rebuild, and what needs to be done for this. This format of parental support turned out to be unusually successful: parents record videos with a certain pattern of the child’s behavior (obsessive movements, hysteria, or something else), send them to the Center, and psychologists watch the video, and then during the online consultation ask clarifying questions and tell how do the right thing in one case or another.

Alexandra Telitsyna also noted the great demand for the parent group, where parents online support each other. “Space for communication” has created a special resource to which psychologists connect, if necessary.

In difficult times, the digital world is changing ourselves, not only the world around us, expanding horizons and making possible the previously impossible.