Workshop "Children in a Difficult Situation: Between Family and State Care"

As we already wrote, the work of CSS foundation in the new conditions has completely switched to online mode. But this fact did not become a reason to miss important meetings and events in the industry. So, last week ended with a workshop “Children in a Difficult Situation: Between Family and State Care”, which was visited by our foundation’s president Natalya Conroy and strategic development director Alexandra Telitsyna. Of course, online.

The reports discussed modern and historical social processes related to the institutionalization / deinstitutionalization of childhood, and the particularities of state and family care for children in difficult situations. This workshop is an attempt to discuss studies that shed light on different aspects of orphanhood as a specific life trajectory - from the moment the family begins to become interested in guardianship bodies until the moment when the experience of living in an orphanage becomes a story about the past.

The reports analyze the work of the guardianship authorities and how they represent the interests of the child and the family, how the trajectories of the wards and graduates of orphanages are arranged, how the disability institution is built into these trajectories and how it changes them, as well as what processes are taking place in the parenthood and control over it.