Support talents with CSS

An extension of quarantine for another 2 weeks is no reason to stop. CSS Foundation and “Start in life” charity foundation has teamed up to launch the “Support Talents with CSS” project.

Our new program is designed to help graduates from low-income families enter the university of their dreams and begin to successfully study foreign languages there. While studying in the 11th grade, the winners of “Support Talents with CSS” contest will gain access to the best paid online courses and tutors.

“We are very pleased to have such cooperation” notes Maria Mikheeva-Nikatina, director of “Start in life” foundation. - Indeed, knowledge of foreign languages is the key that opens many doors and opportunities. Now even more children will receive higher education and a ticket to a new life”.

“It is very important for us that with this project we help children from regions where there are not so many resources for self-education, as, for example, in Moscow and St. Petersburg,” said Natalya Kovalenko, CSS Programming Development Director. - We hope that thanks to our joint program, talented graduates across the country (who will be selected for the program) will be able to get a high-quality higher education and an excellent start for their future careers.