Stronger with CSS: We are waiting for your projects!

Now it's official! Today, on June 1, we are launching a charity program for NGOs “Stronger with CSS”.
This program is aimed at strengthening the role of the family in society, promoting the protection of childhood, motherhood and fatherhood, as well as promoting a healthy lifestyle and improving the moral and psychological state of citizens.
NGOs can apply for three types of grants:
• up to 700,000 rubles
• up to 5,000,000 rubles
• up to 12 million rubles
The competition may be submitted to projects that are aimed at solving the acute problems of children in difficult situations, as well as improving the social well-being of people with disabilities.
- In the charity sector, there is never “excess" funding, but now our competition is especially important for NGOs whose activities are aimed at the most vulnerable beneficiaries. We hope that our grants will help to become stronger both for NGOs themselves and for the families for which they work, said Natalia Conroy, president of the foundation.
Detailed requirements for project applicants, the Regulation on the tender, as well as instructions for filling out the application can be found at