Meet the winners of "Stronger with CSS" 2021!

With joy and excitement, we are ready to announce the winners of «Stronger with CSS» grant program. Thanks to the increased budget of the competition in 2021, we will be able to finance 24 Russian charitable foundations!

So, the winners are:

  • "Big Change" Charity Foundation
  • "Volunteers to Help Orphans" Charity Foundation
  • ANO "Children's Sledge Hockey League"
  • ANO "Institute for the Development of Family Organization"
  • ANO "Center for Assistance to Families of Children with Disabilities"
  • "Our Children" Charity Foundation
  • Nizhny Novgorod Regional Public Organization of Disabled People "Innovation Center: into the XXI century with 21 chromosomes "Shining"
  • Regional public organization of volunteers of the Samara region "House of childhood"
  • ANO cultural and educational center of special art "Strait"
  • "Find a Family" Charity Foundation
  • "Here and Now" Charity Foundation
  • Oryol regional branch of the interregional public organization "Equal Opportunities"
  • Pskov Regional Branch of the Russian Children's Fund
  • Karelian Foundation for the Development of Education
  • Non-profit organization "Association of Foster Families of the Sverdlovsk Region"
  • Komi Republican Public Organization "Special Childhood"
  • "Children Plus" Charity Foundation
  • ANO "Center for the identification, work and promotion of gifted children and talented youth "Planet of Talents"
  • ANO "Hearing Silence Support Center for People with Hearing Impaired"
  • ANO "Azbuka family"
  • ANO "Culture in Action"
  • Bryansk Regional Jewish Community and Charity Center "Hesed Tikva"
  • ANO "Worthy Special World"
  • Vladimir regional public organization "Chamber for the Protection of Patients' Rights"

We congratulate the winners and thank all the participants of the competition! In the near future, we will announce the dates for new phase of “Stronger with CSS” grant program. Stay tuned not to miss the news!