Partner of the month

Time of "partner of the month" rubric and now it becomes GTF Taekwondo Federation in the Republic of Tatarstan.

April 28, 2021 at the Park Hotel Tsarsky Les s. Pokrovskoye, within the framework of the Russian Taekwondo GTF Cup 2021, the adaptive taekwondo GTF competitions were held, which brought together 70 participants from Moscow, Novosibirsk region, Republic of Tatarastan, Chechen Republic, Sverdlovsk region, Republic of Bashkortostan and Republic of Udmurtia.

Our partners, GTF Taekwondo Federation in the Republic of Tatarstan, brought the largest and most friendly team to the Russian Cup. Childrenshowed the most worthy results, winning prizes and medals. But the most important thing is that they became more confident, stronger, made friends with other participants from all over Russia and received a powerful incentive to move forward!