Olga Suslova, President of the CSS Foundation: "The value of personal communication is endless"

An interview with CSS President Olga Suslova, in which she spoke about the path the Foundation has travelled in 4 years, the competitive expert selection of projects, long-term cooperation with NGOs and the concept of positive development.

Bringing positive change to society is a task that requires regular support.

Finding a way out of a difficult situation, helping more people in need and sharing the joy of a joint victory is always more pleasant with reliable and trusted people. Today we would like to introduce you to the activities of our Foundation's partner - CSS Charitable Foundation.

We talked to Olga Suslova, President of the CSS Foundation, about aid projects, long-term co-operation, the concept of positive development, teamwork and performance evaluation.

Partnership in the charity sector, in our opinion, is not just cooperation between organisations or companies. It is the interaction of people who share a common goal and strive to achieve it.

Together we will achieve better results!

This article is entirely based on the resources of the Find a Family Foundation.