Nikiforos Partheniotis: Sport allows children with disabilities to help themselves

Interview with the expert of the Foundation

"Many times I have tried to put myself in the shoes of people with disabilities, trying to understand what would make me move forward, what would make me develop instead of staying in one place. To find yourself in such a situation is a serious challenge. If you sit idly by and do nothing, a person will fall into depression, and it will be extremely difficult to get out of it. Honestly, I don't know what other activity except sports can raise a person's morale. I think that sport is the only sphere that allows us not to help children with disabilities, but to help them to help themselves."

Nikiforos Partheniotis, CSS Project Manager, gave an interview to our partner Adaptive Hockey Federation.

In the material Nikiforos discusses the importance of social sports and the prospects for the development of roller sledge hockey for children with disabilities in Russia and the world.

The full text is available on the Federation's website.