Victory of Friendship. How Social Football has Enriched the Lives of Rural Schools in the Pskov Region

Football3 is a type of football where victory is determined not by the number of goals, but by the ability to negotiate, establish, and adhere to rules. This form of social football, which aids in developing communication skills, is used for educational purposes and transforms the lives of children, educators, and parents. Football3 originated in Colombia in 1996 and gained popularity in Europe, but the only place in Russia where it really flourished is Pskov Region. This article recounts how it happened and the outcomes it has yielded.

Pskov keep winning

Our joint project with the Pskov Children's Foundation "Friendship Ball: Strengthening the family" ended a year ago. But how nice and important it is to understand, that children continue to train, compete and win!

Ball Friendship: Family Strengthening

This is the name of our new joint project with the Pskov Regional Office of the Russian Children's Foundation.