Knowing and feeling are not the same thing, are they?

Of course, professionals who work with children with special needs study in detail the signs and symptoms that characterize one's condition. This provides a solid theoretical basis. However, understanding what a teenager with PTSD or a child with autism is feeling can be challenging.

"Portfolio of social competencies" has been collected!

Olga Suslova attended the final event of the project, which helps junior schoolchildren to become more successful in their studies and life.

45 teenagers became more confident

The 'Self-confident' Project was completed, and developed soft skills in adolescents with experience of orphanhood.

The "Feel" project will help professionals better understand their clients

CSS supported еру project , which aims to increase the psychological competence of professionals working with young people with autism spectrum disorders, eating disorders, mood, self-control and experiencing PTSD.


We don't just keep working. We are launching a new contest as part of our “Stronger with CSS” program