“Repair Café” in Kostroma: Where the Vision of Conscious Consumption Faded Amidst Fabric and Thread

Starting a social project is a risky business. Even with the support of donor organizations, not always the idea gets the desired continuation. Natalya Teplinskaya, the curator of the Repair Café project and the head of the humanitarian programs department of the Second Breath Foundation, in a very honest interview recalled how it all began, how the project developed and what traces it left in Russian eco-education.

Throw it away? No way!

Have you ever gone to a repair cafe? Most likely not, because in Russia there are almost none. This is the format of a social workshop where people repair bicycles, computers, phones, clothes and household utensils brought from home for free.

We visited our partners - the Second Wind Foundation

Today we visited our partners - the Second Wind Foundation. SW team extends the life of things and helps you lead a sustainable and conscious lifestyle.