Our experience over the years teaches us that family stability, health care and education are fundamental to any prosperous society. Today our foundation is aimed at providing all-round support to children and families, including by expanding our activities throughout Russia.

Our experience over the years teaches us that family stability, health care and education are fundamental to any prosperous society. Today our foundation is aimed at providing all-round support to children and families, including by expanding our activities throughout Russia.


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Stronger with CSS winners

Project «Ready to become adults»

Requested from CSS: $ 19904

The project for teenagers and young people with autism spectrum disorders for the most comfortable and responsible transition to the status of an adult. Assistance in choosing an educational institution, in completing the educational route and in finding their first job. The project will create a supportive community, including counselors, tutors, and young people with autism who have similar experiences.

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Project «ALFA-ENDO PROGRAM»: social and educational support for adolescents with diabetes mellitus who have lost parental care

Requested from CSS: $ 20000

Adolescents with diabetes mellitus living in orphanage institutions do not know how to control their disease sufficiently. Including monitoring their diet, measuring blood sugar, and administering insulin properly.

The project "Alpha-Endo" is aimed at teaching children self-control, which is especially important in adolescence.

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Project «TOWARDS FREEDOM: step by step»

Requested from CSS: $ 19697

Comprehensive work with underage young men in the Arkhangelsk penal colony whose sentence expires within 3-6 months.

The goal of the project is to prepare adolescents for life on the outside through the development of an individualized step-by-step plan for reintegration into society. The project involves psychologists and career coaches.

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Project «Resource Center for Parents of Adolescents with Mental Disabilities as an Element of Comprehensive Social Support for Families»

Requested from CSS: $ 16750

The opening of a resource center in Orel will offer comprehensive support to parents who are raising children with mental disabilities. Psychologists, teachers, peer mentors and narrow specialists will help parents during the difficult period of their children's puberty. A leisure group will be created for teenagers, where they will be able to spend time without their parents.

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Project «Everyone needs a buddy»

Requested from CSS: $ 19643

Recruiting, training, and supporting mentors for orphanage youth with challenging behavior. Popularize this type of volunteerism in the region as individual mentoring for orphans.

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Project «Business to young job seekers with disabilities: developing a system of mentoring and preparation for employment»

Requested from CSS: $ 20000

Mentoring support for people with disabilities will be available in six regions of Russia. The Foundation will establish make a website portal to provide comprehensive assistance for people with disabilities looking for a new job, training, or job changes. The project includes partnering with business representatives for support.

Employees from bigger corporations will be offered the chance to becomeget an opportunity to turn into mentors and assist young individuals with disabilities in achieving their dream job.

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Project «NOT superfluous children»

Requested from CSS: $ 20000

The project aims to develop social skills and responsible behavior among adolescents living with HIV and having experienced orphanhood. Skilled guidance from counselors and peer mentors would support youngsters in adopting a liable approach towards their well-being and upkeep their regular therapies during challenging situations.

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Project «Road to the future»

Requested from CSS: $ 19933

Teenagers and young adults with experience of orphanhood will be helped to prepare for adulthood. The project includes legal assistance, personal mentoring, vocational guidance, career navigation, and the development and implementation of individual routes to successful independent living.

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Project «Stronger Together»

Requested from CSS: $ 17624

A project partnership to help teenagers with mental and physical disabilities develop communication and socialization skills with their peers will bring together the resources of regional organizations and the Southern Federal University. A course on working with disabled youth will be integrated into the university's program. NGO staff will give lectures, and students can train at specialized foundations to better understand the problem and become mentors for key beneficiaries. 

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Project «Mentoring for children from disadvantaged families in Tikhvin»

Requested from CSS: $ 19996

The Foundation's instructors will teach a course for educators who work with troubled adolescents and want to learn more about mentoring. The course includes both theory and extensive practical training. Mentors will help vulnerable teenagers in groups and counsel their parents. To use the skills gained through the program, mentor/teen pairs will create and present mini-projects and participate in the preparation and implementation of city events.

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Project «Adults»

Requested from CSS: $ 1 488 412

Accompanied living for young adults with mental disabilities. The participants will live in an ordinary city apartment and engage in routine activities: daily planning, communication, cleaning, shopping, leisure activities, laundry, cooking, etc. The Foundation's specialists will help them learn to live independently. The project also includes integration trips for adolescents, as well as psychological and pedagogical consultations for parents. The consultations will help parents solve issues related to growing up and separation of their children.

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Communitas: a practical school for accompanied accommodation

Requested from CSS: $ 19260,43

The project is aimed at developing and replicating a model of support for young adults with mental disabilities who have experience of living in closed institutions.

The Foundation's specialists will develop a methodological manual for organizing shared accommodation for this group of people. The manual will be based on an online course for social workers. As part of the project, an internship will be organized for colleagues from small NGOs, which will allow them to see how such projects are implemented in practice, get answers to their questions, and gain experience.

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Project «Steps. To the city for a weekend»

Requested from CSS: $ 13931,52

The project will help young people living in psychoneurological boarding school to acquire and develop skills in accompanied living. The result of the 4-month program will be a possible transition of participants from psychoneurological boarding school to a group training program of accompanied living or individual accompanied living.

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Project “House of Chance” - together we are stronger!

Requested from CSS: $ 19928

The project is aimed at helping orphanage graduates who are waiting to receive their own home. Under the project, the children will be able to live in a specially prepared house where, in a safe environment, they will practice skills essential for their future independent life. The project will also involve orphanage graduates who have recently received their own accommodation but still experience difficulties in daily routine and other aspects of adult life.

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Project «Necessary support»

Requested from CSS: $ 19996

Integration of adolescents and young adults with intellectual disabilities into society through the experience of living in a training apartment. The project will include a program of career guidance, training in independent living skills, psychological support, job placement, preparation for interviews and accompanied employment.

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Project «Qualified teachers - Self-reliant students»

Requested from CSS: $ 18155

Education for specialists who work or plan to work in training apartments.

The project will be held in a hybrid format: remote sessions with specialists and face-to-face supervision. As a result of supervisions, each organization will develop recommendations for further work.

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Project «Live in a different way»

Requested from CSS: $ 19977

The aim of the project is to increase the preparation of graduates of orphanages with mental disabilities to live independently, even without the everyday support of social pedagogues.

The project will organise a training flat with round-the-clock accommodation. Participants will learn living and communication skills, take psychological and corrective classes aimed at strengthening their life resilience and forming socially acceptable behaviour. In addition, they will be provided with professional assistance in finding employment and housing.

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Project «Stay close»

Requested from CSS: $ 7884

The project is aimed at improving the competencies of specialists from NGOs, state centers, post-internship support services, and foster families.

During the course, specialists will learn how to organize forms of support for young people with experience of orphanhood and learn effective practices to help them. The course includes not only socio-psychological activities, but also assistance in temporary and/or accompanied accommodation, work in the format of clubs, peer counseling and individual meetings.

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Practices of Inclusion in Public Schools

Requested from CSS: 3 000 000 RUB

Full project Amount: 3 516 624 RUB

Thу project continues the activities conducted for over 20 years by “Perspektiva” (an organization that is the winner of our Social Sport competition - Adaptive Rugby project) to promote and develop inclusive schools in Russia and is aimed at increasing access to quality and inclusive education for children with disabilities.

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Portfolio of social competencies: programs of additional social education for children in difficult life situations

Requested from CSS: 3 456 858 RUB

Full project Amount: 3 888 358 RUB

The project is devoted to additional social education for children in difficult situations. The target group of the project is pupils of primary school from among orphans and children without parental care, substitute and low-income families. 4 additional social education programs will be carried out within the project: 1. I know. I manage. I can (developing skills for working with information and texts, oral monologic and dialogic speech), 2. Useful game library (mastering mnemotechnical methods, developing mental processes, "playing out" role functions and positions), 3. My safety (safety culture skills in everyday and unusual situations), 4. The ABC’s of emotional literacy (skills to recognize and express their emotions, use the rules of emotional culture, and so on).

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"All Step Up": Remote Education for Children and Adolescents in Difficult Life Situations in the Regions of Russian Federation

Requested from CSS: 3 500 000 RUB

Full project Amount: 6 703 862 RUB

The project is aimed at increasing the educational level of orphans and children in difficult life situations, expanding their opportunities in life, and helping them to develop their social skills. For 8 years, the Up Center has been conducting distance learning classes covering subjects from the school curriculum for orphans and children from families in crisis. Now this work is being carried out in 15 regions of Russia. There are no opportunities for children from orphanages outside of Moscow and several other large cities to receive quality educational support, but they need such support, and the school does not have any resources to cover it and organize additional classes or individual trainings. During the project, over 150 students will take classes and, depending on their educational needs, they will receive help in completing the school curriculum for grades 9-11, as well as assistance in preparing for the Unified State Exam. 

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“Big Change” – a program of social and pedagogical support in Novosibirsk and Novosibirsk region

Requested from CSS: 3 488 170 RUB

Full project Amount: 5 071 480 RUB

Continuation of the project which developed a system of support for large families with foster children and children with disabilities in the settlement in the Novosibirsk Oblast. Not all parents are able to provide additional classes for their children due to the remoteness of the settlement from the city and the low level of family income. Professionals would provide this opportunity for their children's development free of charge.

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Requested from CSS: 463 057 RUB

Full project Amount: 526 714 RUB

The project involves a series of activities aimed at multifaceted work with graduates of state educational institutions to increase their motivation for education, conscious choice of profession and building a successful future. As part of the project, a series of trainings is planned, aimed at working with the emotional state of adolescents, the formation of skills of self-organization, selfregulation, positive assessment of their own abilities, professional and life prospects. To introduce teenagers to the world of professions and familiarize them with today's labor market, 45 students in grades 9-11 and post-boarding students from three institutions will have presentations by employees of major companies (potential employers) and representatives of specialized secondary educational institutions.

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School of Inclusive Practices "PROfeel"

Requested from CSS: 2 776 392 RUB

Full project Amount: 3 169 538 RUB

The project of the school of inclusive practices " PROfeel" is aimed at increasing the psychological readiness of specialists to work with adolescents with mental disabilities and help them get involved in society. The school consists of five live-action games, in which the following problems are consistently disclosed: autism spectrum disorders, eating disorders, mood disorders, disorders in stressful situations, post-traumatic stress disorder. Participation in the classes of the School of Inclusive Practices will enrich the specialists, allow them to develop empathy, realize their own abilities and limitations. 

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Digital Technology in Speech and Communication Skills Development for Children with Down Syndrome

 Requested from CSS: 3 000 000 RUB

Full project Amount: 4 738 629 RUB

The project is aimed at increasing the availability of assistance to families with children with Down syndrome in the development of speech and communication skills in order to increase the chances of successful adaptation and socialization in educational institutions. As part of the project, the specialists will hold online group lessons and individual consultations to support the children in terms of their peculiarities. The platform of the digital speech simulator “Logobank” that was developed and implemented by the Fond in 2020/2021 for independent lessons with children with Down syndrome of different levels of speech development, will be finalized.



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Hockey unites

Requested from CSS: 2 993 000 RUB

Full project Amount: 3 825 756 RUB

The project is aimed at integrating a new type of sports game into the physical education classes of specialized boarding schools, contributing to the rehabilitation of children with damage to the musculoskeletal system. Prospective young hockey players will receive the equipment to get involved in roller sledge hockey lessons. Physical education teachers will receive introductory training to learn the rules of the game and customize the equipment for a child.

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Sports on an equal footing with everyone!

Requested from CSS: 1 476 206 RUB

Full project Amount: 2 558 350 RUB

The project will expand the list of services for the organization's beneficiaries. The project will use methods with evidence based effectiveness in the physical rehabilitation and habilitation of children with mental disabilities, including adaptive physical education classes in a specially equipped gym, therapeutic roller sports classes, classes in a trampoline park and swimming pool.

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Adaptive climbing project "I can!"

Requested from CSS: 1 945 603 RUB

Full project Amount: 2 853 323 RUB

The project is a set of activities planned in the Tyumen region and aimed at increasing accessibility of adaptive climbing for children and adolescents with disabilities and their parents. The project includes professional development for instructors and tutors, as well as promotion and spreading of best practices.

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Together in Sports: Involving Children and Teenagers with Disabilities of Kaluga Oblast in Sports

Requested from CSS: 2 247 962 RUB

Full project Amount: 2 934 913 RUB

In this project, “Perspektiva” (a well-known organization dealing with children and people with disabilities) together with its regional partner in Kaluga Oblast, the sports organization Leader Center, will select 8 schools, including 3-4 specialized schools for children with some kind of disability, as well as 4-5 general education/inclusive schools and will introduce children to various types of para-sports, conduct master classes and trainings for children.

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Volleyball for All

Requested from CSS: 1 499 999 RUB

Full project Amount: 2 079 999 RUB

An adaptive volleyball section will be expanded as part of the project. Activities has to promote physical development, socialization of children through interpersonal interaction in the group and participation of volunteers, improve emotional-will sphere of children, form personal goals of each child.

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The Cheburiadе games Basketball 3*3

Requested from CSS: 885 878 RUB

Full project Amount: 1 476 878 RUB

The project is aimed at integrating a new type of sports game into the physical education classes of specialized boarding schools, contributing to the rehabilitation of children with damage to the musculoskeletal system. Prospective young hockey players will receive the equipment to get involved in roller sledge hockey lessons. Physical education teachers will receive introductory training to learn the rules of the game and customize the equipment for a child.

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Football for everyone

Grant: $13 493,71

Promotion of equal access to group sports activities, active way of life for all children. The project will offer children with disabilities to fulfill themselves in inclusive football teams. There will be 4 teams (1 at each project school) consisting of players with and without disabilities.

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A comprehensive early intervention program for children with autism under the age of 5

Grant: $45 147,53

The early intervention program will consist of several blocks. The first block is timely diagnosis. This will be done through the ADOS-2 test diagnosis, which is the global «gold standard» for diagnosing autism. The second block is individual work with the child, aimed at leveling out the deficits of autism. Lessons will teach children how to follow a schedule, maintain focus, understand instructional instructions and tasks, make choices, take turns, use functional communication, and much more. The program will be based on practices with «proven effectiveness» status. The third block of work with families is seminars for parents on the National Autistic Society (Britain) «Early Bird» program. As a result of attending this course, parents will gain an understanding of the specifics of an autism diagnosis, as well as principles for dealing with communication and unwanted child behavior.

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Alfa-Endo program: complex help for families in difficult life situation raising children with diabetes mellitus

Grant: $44 887,96

The foundation will train peer educators in diabetes associations in 4 regions of Russia. Peer educators are experienced parents who succeeded in controlling their own child’s diabetes. The task of peer educators is to inform and assist families in difficult life situation to receive help from government social authorities, to communicate with school and pre-school teachers so that they could provide safe conditions for such children, to support parents when they need psychological assistance for proving their relations with the child and acceptance of the diagnosis, to teach parents control the disease themselves.

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Happiness of being TOGETHER

Grant: $10 776,96

Creation of special developing space equipped with classic Montessori materials for children with disabilities aged 2-9 years and their parents. The complex of activities will include two cycles of psychological group trainings for parents with children, aimed at harmonizing family relationships and mastering the methods of psychological relief, art therapy, games, creative and developmental activities using the M. Montessori system.

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Online Support for Foster Families in Russia's Regions

Grant: $48 536,72

The project is aimed at implementing professional, accessible assistance for regional foster families raising children with health, developmental and behavioral disorders, who are experiencing difficulties adapting and interacting with their foster child. The goal of the project is to increase the parental competence of the foster parent, create a supportive inter-regional community of foster parents, develop the family's ability to cope independently with the difficulties associated with raising a child, and prevent the child from returning to the institution.

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«Happy at home» - adaptation and habilitation center for foster parenting online

Grant: $61 377

A project of remote information and advisory assistance and training for families who adopt orphans with developmental disabilities. This project aims to support:

  • candidates to help them evaluate their resources before making a decision on foster parenthood;
  • foster families during the adaptation period, to prevent displacement, facilitate adaptation, and help build an individual rout (medical, rehabilitation and adaptation) for the child in the first year of his or her stay with the family

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Resource Centre «Anton’s right here»

Grant: $60 410,73

Resource Centre is the first strategic project for supporting children with ASD in Leningrad region. The aim of this project is to unite highly skilled professionals in the field of medicine, education, phycology, and social support for creating accessible, effective, and continuous help system for children with ASD aged 8 months-18 years. The project includes several key areas: medical, educational, and social.

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Federal Remote Foster Family Support Service

Grant: $66 870,88

The federal remote foster family support service «Find a Family» is Russia's only online service for comprehensive, long-term professional foster family support. The project is aimed at solving the difficulties families face with foster children: helping foster children adapt, socialize, and learn; maintaining the psychological health and protecting the rights of foster children and parents through the implementation of proven effective distance programs of comprehensive support and, as a result, preventing secondary returns of orphans from foster families.

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«Exit», technology of family mentoring as a form of social support for families in difficult life situations

Grant: $33 122,65

Specialists evaluate the problems most relevant to each family and develop an individual technology map: psychological support, legal assistance, material assistance, assistance with education and employment, help with babysitting, and assistance with the education of children. The technology for individual family support is based on the mentoring model.

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More than care!

Grant: $29 828,08

The project is aimed at improving child-parent relationships in families with children with mental disabilities, genetic disorders and ASD. A complex of measures is planned for early identification and assistance to the family, development of an individual development plan, and assistance in its implementation with young children.

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Developing a network of Foster Family Clubs in the Udmurt Republic

Grant: $65 259,42

The project is aimed at organizing comprehensive support and assistance for all forms of family placement (adoptive parents, guardians, and foster families) and foster-parent candidates, as well as creating, jointly with the Ministry of Social Development and Labor of the Udmurt Republic, a general culture of assistance to foster families. The network of Clubs is designed to prevent the emotional burnout of foster parents, the crisis of child-parent relationships, and secondary abandonment of foster children. It also aims to increase the knowledge and skills of foster families in raising foster children, the resourcefulness of foster families, and the possibility of later placement of orphans in families.

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Family trust is the key to insight

Grant: $13 168

The aim of the project is to increase the effectiveness of social and psychological support of crisis families, prevention of teenage suicide, family violence, work with families with low parental competence, development of new methods of social and psychological work. The project includes training seminars for social workers and psychologists of state and non-profit organizations in the region. The trainings will be conducted by specialists from the Victoria Children's Charity Foundation, one of the most recognized training platforms in Russia.

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Want to be together: Regions

Grant: $38 719

The project creates a support network on issues of inclusion with the coordination and expertise of the foundation team. The activity involves the provision of remote targeted methodological and psychological assistance for the inclusion of children with disabilities in the educational and social process.

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Important for mom

Grant: $67 476,38

Replicating the model of comprehensive social support for young orphan mothers in a difficult life situation in Russia's regions, including new types of assistance for the development of child-parent relationships and for increasing the availability of social assistance.

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Mom Behind Bars: Psychological and Consultative Support for Pregnant Women and Women with Children under Three Years of Age Serving Prison Sentences

Grant: $34 111

The project will conduct a series of two-day trainings by a perinatal psychotherapist and a neonatologist for key beneficiaries. Women and specialists will receive individual and group sessions. The Foundation will publish an informational booklet on pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding, and childcare, and will distribute it in the prisons. The project will actively work to raise public awareness of the problems of women with children in prisons. It is aimed at reducing the stigmatization of this issue, dispelling numerous myths, increasing public loyalty to these women, and thereby increasing their chance of successful resocialization in society after their imprisonment.

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Prodljenka 57 (After-school club 57)

Grant: $13 010,93

The project involves the creation of inclusive groups for socializing and development of children of different ages: infant, pre-school, primary school, teenagers. The groups function during the working week (5 days) in seven areas: psychological and special remedial help (speech therapist, speech pathologist), play and art therapy, creative development, physical development, vocational training (for teenagers). The constant functioning of groups during the work week allows parents, during their child's stay at the after-school club, to accomplish those tasks that are difficult to accomplish in real life together with a child with special developmental needs, which has a positive effect on the psychological and emotional state of the parents and on parent-child relationships. Each group is expected to include at least 3 children with disabilities and at least 3 children with development corresponding to the age norm.

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The ABCs of a Happy Family - Regional Clubs

Grant: $10 898

The “ABCs of the Family” parenting clubs are weekly meetings in online or offline format on the program “The ABCs of a Happy Family, 30 lessons of conscious parenting” developed by experienced psychologists and educators. Basic knowledge from the field of family and child psychology, transmitted through real stories and their analysis in terms of theory in a peer-to-peer format.

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Support program for regional specialists in the field of family placement and creating conditions for the formation of a professional community

Grant: $29 835

The project aims to increase the professional level of support for foster families raising children with health, developmental and behavioral problems. Within the framework of the project, this will be achieved by holding events with the participation of specialists of the family organization, aimed at deepening professionalization and improving the quality of support for foster families, forming a professional community, introducing ethical norms and values ​​into the practice of specialists, creating conditions for interaction between NGOs and government agencies in the field of family organization.

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Happy Together. Supporting Child-Parent Relationships.

Grant: $42 536,81

The project is aimed at psychological and pedagogical support and preservation of healthy child-parent relationships of families in a difficult life situation associated with the birth of a child with disabilities. As part of the project, psychological and pedagogical support groups of different orientation will be organized. In order to improve child-parent relationships with non-speaking children, systematic individual lessons for introducing alternative and additional communication will be organized, and the necessary technical means and materials for alternative and additional communication will be purchased.

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Friendship Ball: Strengthening Families.

Grant: $39 113

As part of the project, regular soccer lessons will be used as an instrument of psychological work to strengthen the priorities and principles of a healthy family. Overall, the project will make it possible to carry out systematic work to relieve social tension and improve the living environment of orphanage children and children from low-income families.

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Foster Family Support Centers "Find a Family": the most important.

Grant: $54 105

The project aims to develop Foster Family Support Centers in order to prevent secondary returns of orphans from foster families in the regions where the Foundation operates; to help foster children adapt, socialize, and learn during the formation and strengthening of foster families; to support the psychological health and rights of foster children and parents by implementing comprehensive support programs that have proven effective.

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Somebody’s Children

Grant: $36 835

The project provides free psychological counseling for foster families, either individual or family, and a training program for psychologists to conduct such counseling (supervision). The training program is being developed with the direct participation and methodological guidance of Lyudmila Petranovskaya. A set of materials for a semi-automated course will later be offered in self-study mode on the educational portal (free of charge and at any time).

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City investigation

Grant: $10 645

The PERMM Museum of Contemporary Art will hold an art residency for Polarny teens who are registered with the Juvenile Affairs Commission and attend schools and colleges in the city. In the course of their work, the kids will act as researchers, curators, contemporary artists, and tour guides and create an exhibition about the present of the city of Polarny. The preliminary stage in the implementation of the project will be a series of trainings for museum staff, who will be curators of “difficult” teenagers to acquire skills in working with this audience. Work with teenagers will be based on close interaction with social educators.

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Family Center “Joy School”

Grant: $12 322

The project is aimed at providing timely assistance to children of early childhood and preschool age from families in a difficult life situation. A set of individual and group sessions is provided to address developmental problems, compensate for impairments in the cognitive, speech, emotional and volitional spheres, form basic knowledge and ideas in accordance with age requirements, prerequisites for learning activities, develop communication skills and social adaptation. The work involves the active and direct participation of parents in the correctional and developmental process and an increase in the level of parental competence.

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Developing together: group activities for families with children with disabilities from 2,5 to 18 years

Grant: $24 893,48

A project that helps improve parent-child relationships and the inclusion of children with disabilities (ASD, genetic disorders, cerebral palsy, etc.) in the educational environment.

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Hockey unites

Grant: $53 944,70

Joint sports hobbies and team sports are a driver of positive social change in the lives of families raising children with disabilities. The project involves a series of unifying events for children's adaptive hockey teams as part of regional tournaments. An educational block for children, as well as informative and educational lectures for coaches and parents, will supplement the sports program of the tournaments and allow us to focus the attention of all project participants on the social value of sports, rather than sports achievements.

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Fitness in Silence: Teens

Grant: $9 894,79

This is an online software complex for teaching teenagers with hearing impairments to fitness in Russian sign language, which will become available for teenagers not only in large cities, but also in regional cities, small villages, villages, etc. Thanks to the classes, adolescents with hearing impairments will begin to accept their body and its changes, acquire good physical shape, maintain, or improve health, and acquire the habit of leading a healthy lifestyle.

The project also includes face-to-face activities for teenagers, including “fun starts”, introductory lectures on the benefits of physical training, excursions to a sports club.

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Andrei Afonin's School of Parenthood

Grant: $26 445,12

The project is aimed at supporting families with children with disabilities and developmental peculiarities. Classes within the project will help parents of a special child become more aware of themselves in this capacity, better understand and interact with the child, understand what needs to be done so that the child's development is more harmonious and the quality of life of the family is higher. The project will help families with special children to combine efforts and resources to support each other.

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Children in a Family: Preparation and Support for Foster Families in the Regions of the Russian Federation

Grant: $23 507,85

The project is aimed at deep and high-quality training of foster families in the regions, as well as support for already formed families to overcome emerging crises. Within the framework of the project, legal consultations will be carried out for potential and current substitute parents from the regions.

The Foundation has developed and implements certified copyright programs for the general course of PDS and training modules for increasing parenting competencies in Moscow. Such a two-stage preparation is the optimal approach in the issue of preventing the return of children and crisis situations in foster families, as it focuses on increasing the resource capacity of the family and its educational needs

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Vector into the Future!

Grant: $9 089

The process of full immersion in the creative environment contributes to psychological adaptation, the development of communication skills, moral and ethical norms, and strategies of behavior of adolescents from families in difficult life situations and living foster families. Classes in pop-jazz vocals, acting and stage speech, art, choreography will be held every week. The result of training is a hundred-no New Year's concert and art exhibition.

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Together to Help the Family

Grant: $52 244

The project will create a Crisis Assistance Service for Children and Families with Children under the Children’s Rights Ombudsman. Through social partnership between the authorities, it is planned to create and test a comprehensive model for providing systemic timely assistance to a family in crisis, early prevention of risks in families, preserving a blood family for a child, and mobilizing one's own vitality and family resources. This activity will ensure the transition from the declarative principle to the revealing approach in the provision of social services and the provision of services to families and children that help to overcome pre-crisis situations and prevent the breakdown of families and the emergence of new social orphans.

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Invisible Families

Grant: $54 105

The Invisible Children project will improve the life situation of vulnerable parents and children. This category includes families in a difficult life situation, where children with HIV are brought up. Since 2005, the practice of social and psychological assistance has been implemented in the Moscow region and since 2020 in St. Petersburg. In 2021, specialists from the Foundation are ready to share their practice with colleagues from the regions. After the training, each of the five regions will have a team of specialists ready to provide quality social and psychological assistance to families raising children with HIV.

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Program for premature infants in stage 2 of nursing “Toropyzhki”

Grant: $13 524

The project is aimed at improving the quality of nursing, comprehensive rehabilitation, and support for premature babies under the age of 7 years. The needlewomen will provide the departments of premature babies with unique therapeutic octopus toys with spiral tentacles and knitted products that will warm babies, stimulate nerve endings, and use reflexes. It is planned to conduct classes with a speech therapist-defectologist, a teacher-artist individually, testing 6-year-old children based on a city health facility to determine their readiness for school by a teacher-psychologist. Also, among the activities of the project - holding holidays for grown-up children, with an educational focus for parents.

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Open Doors: Integrating Children from Families in Difficult Circumstances into Society.

Grant: $18 183

The goal of the project is to reduce the mechanisms of social isolation, creating conditions for "resource" nurturing for people who find themselves in hardship. Parents and siblings of children with disabilities will be able to undergo trainings that will increase their level of competence and psychological stability. A community of people with similar difficulties will be created, which will also contribute to solving the problem.

In the preparation of the project activities, it is planned to involve cultural workers, volunteers - teenagers and students of profile directions, who will have an opportunity to learn conflict-free interaction with families accompanying children with disabilities.

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The Circle

Grant: $23 630

The project is aimed at solving the problem of the lack of an integrated approach to the issue of rehabilitation and education of children with disabilities. The goal of the project is to create and develop the Krug system, a system of comprehensive assistance to children with disabilities through work with a child, family and educational institution.

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Creation of the inclusive center “Big Change” based on the settlement “Family Fairy Tale” in the Novosibirsk region

Grant: $24 880

Creating an inclusive center of social and pedagogical support “Big Change” for children and parents at the “Family Fairy Tale” settlement, Novosibirsk region, as a branch of the Foundation. The project includes seminars and consultations for foster families, as well as classes for children to help them become more successful in school.

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Creating and Implementing a Program to Prevent Abuse in Foster Families in Sverdlovsk Region

Grant: $33 468

The Foundation's specialists will be trained to work with the authors of violence and abuse (the NOKSA method) and will develop their own program for the prevention of abuse in foster families based on the knowledge gained through their experience of working with families. Further comprehensive work will be aimed at preventing all types of abuse and violence in foster families in the region.

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"Support Services"

Grant: $18 846

A system of comprehensive assistance to families with children at risk of abandonment. The project involves a team of specialists - a social consultant, a psychologist and a lawyer - to accompany the families. The work is conducted with the family as a multiperson client, according to the technology of work with the case. Part of the families participating in the project will be under social patronage. The project provides for open events to improve parental competence - classes with a psychologist on parenting, support groups for parents and guardians, developmental activities for children in difficult life situations.

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Important help

Grant: $12 909

Training of specialists and volunteers to accompany people with mental disabilities. Within the framework of the project, students and specialists in the areas of psychology, social pedagogy, special education and rehabilitation will take a distance course to support adolescents and adults with mental disabilities in the process of growing up and socialization, where they will be familiarized with the development strategies of adolescents and young people with ASD and other mental disorders of interaction skills, self-regulation, independence and responsibility.

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Grant: 4 850 983₽

The project aims to complex work with families in crisis, where there is a risk of taking away children. The main emphasis is on a systematic approach to accompanying families, comprehensive provision of services by an interdisciplinary team (social educator, psychologist, lawyer, assistance in finding a job). The project also plans to expand activities to new regions by hiring and training new employees, ensuring their working conditions, organizing a group of parenting clubs and a series of seminars to train guardianship specialists in the new territory.

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Individual support of teenagers from children's boarding schools, young adults from psychoneurological boarding schools, graduates of orphanages

Grant: $9445

The project is aimed at organizing a system of individual support for several categories of beneficiaries:

  • Future graduates of orphanages and boarding schools;
  • Young adults living in the institutions for mentally disabled (IMD);
  • Alumni living on their own;
  • Alumnae of children's homes with children.

The project implies that each ward will be accompanied by a mentor, who, together with him and the necessary specialists, will develop an individual work plan aimed at successful socialization, education, profession, and gaining as much independence as possible.

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Carpenter co-working "Young Carpenter"

Grant: $9484

Creation of a carpentry co-working room as a socio-cultural space, an environment that promotes socialization, creative expression and gender equality experience. The carpentry co-working will allow providing leisure and playing activities for a child with disabilities, to identify and develop compensatory qualities and abilities.

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Environment of opportunities

Grant: $9487

A psychological help center for teenagers and their families in the Beskudnikovo district of Moscow. The Teenage Club will help to overcome isolation, establish and maintain communication, and create a resource space for the prevention of emotional burnout and depressive states that are increasingly occurring in the new epidemiological situation.

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Shalash for parents: courses on working with difficult behavior for parents

Grant: $8944

The project is based on preventing family separation, the seizure of children, and the criminalization of adolescents due to abuse in families where children display behavioral difficulties. The program combines different methods. The offline intensive will allow the instructors to establish contact with program participants, while the online classes open up opportunities for expansion to different regions of Russia without losing quality.

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Broadcasting the best practice

Grant: $63320

The goal of this project is to disseminate the model of assisted living for people with mental health problems. In the context of the project, methodological and practical guides will be prepared for specialists on how to manage assisted living, how to interact with stakeholders, for the launch of projects in regions of the Russian Federation.

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How can I organize a vacation for children and adolescents with autism without parents?

Grant: $22928

Creating a package of methodological materials for everyone involved in leisure activities for people with autism. The methodological package includes a printed edition, an electronic version of the printed edition and videos. This information can make recreation and leisure activities accessible. This, in turn, will have a direct impact on the quality of life of people with developmental disabilities and their families.

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Grant: $63843

Preparing the parent community to the fact that their adult children can live independently with the help of specialists, through video conferences with specialists from assisted living facilities and parents from St. Petersburg whose children already lived in assisted living facilities. The peer-to-peer principle will reduce tension and anxiety, and help them receive advice and methodological recommendations for preparing their child for independent living. An important part of the project will be to increase the professional knowledge and competence of specialists in assisted living services. Online consultations and internships in St. Petersburg will provide knowledge, materials, and opportunities for further dissemination of successful practices.

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New opportunities

Grant: $58855

The project is aimed at developing a new area of protected workshops designed for labor adaptation of adults with disabilities who have difficulties finding work in the open labor market. As part of the project, it is planned to equip a high-tech greenhouse for growing plants using the author's technology of vertical gardening.

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More than work. Socialization and integration into society of people with Down syndrome

Grant: $51123

Project activities are focused on ensuring the social inclusion of people with different levels of capabilities in the modern social space, including through increasing their level of independence, their ability to use different ways to communicate with people and participate in work activities. The experience gained as a result of the project will be systematized in order to share with other organizations. As part of the program, webinars for specialists and the development of a methodological handbook are planned.

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Regional development of the mentoring program

Grant: $66473

The practice is based on international experience of one of the most effective mentoring programs, has a well-established technology for implementation, methodological support, a system of monitoring and evaluation of the effectiveness and level of impact and has already been implemented in several regions in Russia. As part of the regional development project, it is planned to open branches of the program in two cities: Yekaterinburg and Kaliningrad. Another 7 regions will join the project to train employees for further replication of successful practices.

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Family in Focus

Grant: 699 089₽

The project consists of two parts: provision of free psychological help to parents/families of children and young adults with developmental disabilities and a series of events aimed at raising awareness and disseminating best practices in the field of psychological assistance to families of children with developmental disabilities. The project will also host the III Conference on Psychological Assistance to Families.

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House for Mom

Grant: 3 635 833₽

The project will support volunteer teams in these directions: register NGOs, train specialists to work with families, share best practices and techniques in working with vulnerable families with children, and open two crisis apartments for temporary residence of pregnant women and women with children in difficult life situations.

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The special way of special children

Grant: 4 000 000₽

Regular exercise is one of the most effective ways to rehabilitate and help children with neurological and mental disabilities. The project will provide regular training in Kazan, at the sites that are already in operation and the launch of two more new groups, training for coaches, organizing a summer sports camp and participating in All-Russian competitions.

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The community of helping professionals

Grant: $58530

The project is dedicated to the development of a professional community for professionals from different organizations, working with young adults with disabilities (from orphanages as well). The community of helping professionals is a informational platform for exchange of experience and professional competencies, strengthening of professional motivations, decreasing the risks of professional burn out, methodological and psychological support of specialists.

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"Trampoline" mentoring for teenagers with HIV

Grant: $71285

Project includes mentoring of teenagers with HIV infection in order to increase their commitment to therapy, this will significantly prolong their life by not allowing the virus to develop and will minimize the risk of spreading to zero. The project has been successfully implemented in several regions. Two more regions will be joining the project (Republic Bashkortostan and Ekaterinburg), courtesy of CSS Foundation.

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Hockey Family Camp

Grant: $68940

Physical rehabilitation and social adaptation project for children and young adults with disabilities in the form of inclusive hockey intensives. The project includes regional intensives in Karelia, Khabarovsk, Perm' and one All-Russian. Creation of the methodic of such events and open classes for adaptive hockey in regions will allow spreading experience to new territories in the future.

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Federal Remote Foster Family Support Service

Grant: $71427

The project is aimed at preventing secondary returns of orphans from foster families; helping foster children adapt, socialize, and learn; maintain the psychological health and protectе the rights of foster children and parents. Comprehensive support makes it possible to pay attention to the first signs of crisis and take preventive measures to overcome them.

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Service of active family support in the Leningrad region

Grant: $71410

The project is aimed at introducing family support services in Leningrad region that provides targeted assistance to socially disadvantaged families/specialists and offers comprehensive psychological, legal and methodological support. The project will reduce the risk of young children unnecessarily losing parental care, test innovative approaches working with the most vulnerable families, and increase the effectiveness of child abandonment prevention in the region.

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School of IT Design and 3D Modeling for teenagers and young people with disabilities

Grant: $13895

Adapted program of courses for teenagers and young people with disabilities in IT-design and 3D-modeling. Project participants will have opportunities to fulfill themselves in a field that is popular among young people. Project participants will get the opportunity to acquire professional skills and employment in the future.

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Special start into a profession

Grant: 694 250₽

The project provides internships for people with mental disabilities living in psychoneurological boarding schools to obtain further employment.

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Rare lessons

Grant: 585 090₽

«Rare Lessons» project includes preparing methodological materials, developing, and creating video lessons about growing up, the changes that occur in the body, creating boundaries and safety for children and adolescents with disabilities.

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Green Television

Grant: 698 207₽

The project is implemented among orphans with various disabilities, including children with Down syndrome. Children are trained in raising crop at their own private farm and they participate in environmental volunteer work. Aswell, children are taught different genres of video, animation and shooting techniques, methods of constructing stories. The result of the project will be a series of 6 short, animated videos

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Independent living

Grant: 694 756₽

The project provides a training apartment for young people from psychoneurological boarding schools, that plan on living independently in the future. With the help of specialists, they form an idea of independent living, and take classes and master classes aimed at developing self-service skills and contributing to the development of motivation for the transition to a more independent lifestyle.

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Science of proper care

Grant: 693 370₽

An online training system for specialists and parents. The online courses focus on the psychology of orphanhood, the basic principles of helping children and families, the problems of children and adolescents, the peculiarities of interaction, child-parental relations, legal issues in the field of social orphanhood and family.

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Social workshop «Repair Cafe»

Grant: 699 950₽

Repair cafe is a social workshop where people can for free repair items brought from home such as bicycles, computers, telephones, clothes, household appliances and so on.

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Special Sport Online

Grant: 699 710₽

The task of the project is organizing online training for teenagers who regularly engage in sports. 3 different sports were selected to maintain fitness and interactional skills with the coach - martial arts, yoga, and gymnastics. The program involves trained and motivated young coaches, it also received the support of professional athletes.

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Creating a system of remote support for children with autism and their families «Happy Parenting and Childhood»

Grant: 698 788₽

Creation of an information and educational Internet platform that will allow a specialist to accompany the family of a child with special needs in a remote format. Parents will be able to receive expert advice, recommendations on the implementation of the child development program, will be able to organize forums and exchange information with each other, including not only expert, but also psychological support.

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Human Resources Training and Support Program for accompanied residence Project

Grant: 664 800₽

It is a training project for specialists on assisted living. 12 children from boarding schools in Tula region will have the opportunity to live in an apartment under observation of professionals. Before the stage of settling the children, preliminary preparation of the project is carried out with the recruitment and training of each member of the team; based on the results of the training, the employees will take an internship one by one.

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Let's be friends!

Grant: 2 985 156₽

It is a cycle of 48 educational TV programs in sign language for deaf and hard of hearing children, which are designed to help children with disabilities adapt to modern society. The program is equipped with sound and therefore is available for any children's audience.

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Partnership Initiatives Support


The project focused on providing legal advice services for families with children and young adults with disabilities.

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Project «Distance learning»

The project was created for young adults – children that lived or are still living in orphanages all around Russia, children that would like to receive or improve their education but due to different circumstances do not have that opportunity.
Teachers at learning center ”Vverh” give lessons in key school subjects distantly via skype, help children prepare for and pass school exams, help improve knowledge in different subjects in order to move on to the next step in their education process without losing motivation and interest for learning.

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Implementation of program activities of the fund

The goal of the program is to assist foster children in the development of subject knowledge and general intellectual abilities, as well as in communication, social, self-organization and planning skills, to increase the motivation, goal-setting and self-esteem of children.

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Community of adoptive parents interested in solving issues with children’s education

It is a pilot project created to organize communities of supportive parent united by the theme of education of children who experienced orphanhood in Novosibirsk and Moscow.

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Clothes for life

The project focused on providing humanitarian (clothing) assistance to children living in low-income families. In 2020, 7,500 beneficiaries received humanitarian aid. A total of 11.3 tons were shipped.

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Gift a profession

The project consists of professional workshops implemented with support from the curator of the foundation and experienced teachers to help boarding school students raise their proficiency’s and obtain modern competitive jobs.

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Project «Supporting Talent with CSS»

The goal of the project is helping talented and diligent graduates from poorer families get into the university of their dreams, successfully study there, learning foreign languages.
Within the program “Supporting Talent with CSS”, while studying in 11th grade, winners of the contest from different regions of Russia will receive free access to the best online courses.

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Project «Umka online»

Inclusive center of childhood and family “Umka”, located in the city of Chkalovsk (Nizegorodskaya region), with the help from CSS shifted to online practice.
Yoga, preparation for school, Lego-construction, speech and psychological therapies are all available for children without having to leave their homes.

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Educational books for kids

With support from CSS preparations began in 2020 for a series of books for children with mental disabilities called: “I am not afraid of growing up”.
These books will inform and support children, young adults and their parent about their own boundaries, puberty, sexually maturing, sexual competence and prevention of sexual violence.

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Child Camp

Charity program development center “Kray Miloserdiya” (”Region of Mercy”) and CSS Foundation organized a family inclusive camp for children with mental disabilities located on the Black Sea seaside.
Project activities were aimed on rehabilitation of children, raising the social interaction among children and adults by performing intensive courses using special methodic that takes into consideration the abilities and recourses of each child.

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Project «Zaluzie»

With support from CSS Foundation in the region of Pskov houses were built for independent living of graduates of boarding school for disadvantaged children.

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Spreading best practices on support of families with disabled children in regions of Russia

The goal of the project is to support the participation of Russian regional professionals in informational and educational events/programs dedicated to the new methods of working with families raising children with developmental disorders.

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Integrative programs for children/young adults with disabilities

The project involves the creation of inclusive centers for children with developmental disabilities, as well as the provision of psychological and legal support to families raising children with disabilities.

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In the context of the project “Vverh” (“Up”), participants find out more about different professions, figure out their interests and strong suits, try using their knowledge and experience in searching for job opportunities.
This year 102 students participated in project “PROFI”. Of which:
13 students passed their interviews;
13 students did an internship;
11 students found temporary jobs;
8 students found a permanent job.

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Project «Recourse center»

This project of Foundation “Bolshaya Peremena” (“Big Change”) is aimed at sharing long-term experiences in working with people out of orphanages and Psychoneurological Dispensaries. Along with that they prepare methodologists that use unique instruments of the Foundation in their work with children in different parts of the country.
Project “Recourse Center” is relevant for scientists, teachers, social workers, foster parents, volunteers and many others.

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