An assembly point and a place of power

An assembly point and a place of power, that is probably the best way to describe the project "Live in a different way". 

Plan for a decent life

Eight boys, aged 16-18, serving sentences in the Arkhangelsk penal colony, attended sessions with career counselors and psychologists.

"Portfolio of social competencies" has been collected!

Olga Suslova attended the final event of the project, which helps junior schoolchildren to become more successful in their studies and life.

In the beginning was the word. How conversations about HIV help teenagers manage their condition

Today, HIV is a chronic condition that one can live with for a long time, fully and actively, without transmitting the virus to an HIV-negative partner, enabling the creation of families, childbirth, and child-rearing. The primary requirement for those infected is to rigorously maintain lifelong therapy, consistently monitor the condition, and regularly consult healthcare professionals.  HIV demands significant self-discipline and responsibility from the individual living with it. We inquired with Maria Bryanskaya, a representative of the Children Plus Foundation and coordinator of the Trampoline project, about nurturing these qualities in adolescents facing difficult life situations, including those in orphanages. 

Happy birthday, Olga!


How Chance works

The House invites young people from the Kaliningrad region who have experienced orphanhood and are left alone with their problems after reaching adulthood.

Sharing experiences to be stronger

The Victoria Foundation organized an internship for professionals working with young people who have experience of orphanhood.

“Repair Café” in Kostroma: Where the Vision of Conscious Consumption Faded Amidst Fabric and Thread

Starting a social project is a risky business. Even with the support of donor organizations, not always the idea gets the desired continuation. Natalya Teplinskaya, the curator of the Repair Café project and the head of the humanitarian programs department of the Second Breath Foundation, in a very honest interview recalled how it all began, how the project developed and what traces it left in Russian eco-education.

Path to Career 2024

Olga Suslova joined the jury for the XVII annual competition for students and young professionals with special needs.

Young to young

Young to young. This is how we can briefly describe the essence of our partners' project. 

Mentor doctors for children with diabetes

The excellent idea of involving doctors in the mentoring process came from our partners at the Russian Diabetes Association (RDA). These mentors not only become reliable adults but also teach orphans with diabetes how to control the disease and live a fulfilling life with the diagnosis.

Social project as a challenging journey

Social project development may not always be a predictable process. Sometimes activities that seem to be effective in achieving goals do not really resonate with the target audience. Evgenia Petelchuk, Development Director of the «Anton’s right here» Foundation, told about the project within the framework of the "Acting Together" Competition and shared her experience of revising hypotheses and reassembling project components.

We're stronger together

A comprehensive approach to the integration and socialization of young people with mental disabilities in the Rostov region.

Victory of Friendship. How Social Football has Enriched the Lives of Rural Schools in the Pskov Region

Football3 is a type of football where victory is determined not by the number of goals, but by the ability to negotiate, establish, and adhere to rules. This form of social football, which aids in developing communication skills, is used for educational purposes and transforms the lives of children, educators, and parents. Football3 originated in Colombia in 1996 and gained popularity in Europe, but the only place in Russia where it really flourished is Pskov Region. This article recounts how it happened and the outcomes it has yielded.

Diabetes is an insidious disease, so it's important to help teens manage it.

The PR manager of the CSS Foundation attended a workshop for nurses working in orphanages and interacting with adolescents with diabetes.

Today we are 5 years old!


Motherhood Behind Bars: A Journey of Love in Captivity

During the year Elena and Vasilisa, specialists from the foundation " Give a Hand", regularly visited three Russian penal colonies. A perinatal psychologist and a neonatologist told pregnant and recently delivered prisoners about how to be the best moms in the world, no matter what.

Professional prospects

This month marked the end of the "Try a Profession in Practice" mentoring program. Thanks to this program, students with disabilities were able to make useful contacts and immerse themselves in the profession they're studying.

The project of training accompanied living "Adults".


45 teenagers became more confident

The 'Self-confident' Project was completed, and developed soft skills in adolescents with experience of orphanhood.

Knowing and feeling are not the same thing, are they?

Of course, professionals who work with children with special needs study in detail the signs and symptoms that characterize one's condition. This provides a solid theoretical basis. However, understanding what a teenager with PTSD or a child with autism is feeling can be challenging.

Happy holidays!

We wish you and your family all the best in the New Year. And interesting joint projects for all of us.

“They chose to be free and lead a full life”

Zaluzhye is a small village in Pskov oblast, which is no different than many other settlements in the region. It empties out in the winter and comes alive when vacationers arrive in the summer. The modest homes mostly predate the Russian Revolution. They are made of logs trimmed with planks and are heated by stoves. But there are houses in Zaluzhye that stand out, you might say, in both form and content.

Everyone to work!

All attempts to prepare children with disabilities for adulthood will fail if society does not begin to accept them. Therefore, the most vital and most challenging task is to help people with disabilities find work in the open labor market. And help companies become inclusive. CSS stands with those who are making progress towards the time when anyone can use their skills in their preferred field.

Educate and help to separate

This is how we can summarize the work that Big Change is doing in Novosibirsk.

“Grownups aren’t bosses here, they’re equals.” How a museum became a “third place” for at-risk teenagers.

In 2021 the “Urban Investigation” art project won the Stronger with CSS competition. The team from the Polyarny Regional Historical Museum and the Perm Museum of Contemporary Art (PERMM) wanted to make the museum a comfortable, safe and supportive place for at-risk teenagers. Here is how the process unfolded and what results it obtained.

About interaction with participants of social projects

Identifying a social problem, measuring it, designing a project plan, finding financial support are just the starting points of a great work. One of the most challenging aspects of implementing social projects is the interaction with the beneficiaries and, in the case of children's projects, their guardians/parents. Nina N. Ershova, Head of the Center for Social and Psychological Assistance in Kirov, shared her experience of interaction with parents and guardians of beneficiaries.

Being fully prepared doesn’t require being problem-free

Talked about Karen Pittman, the ideologue and evangelist of the Concept of Positive Youth Development.

Adaptive sports conference

All our experience shows that sport is one of the most effective tools for including children with special needs in a full life. And also to create a truly inclusive society, where different people are ready to interact and through cooperation become more successful, stronger and better off.


Inclusion Day

Accessible education is very important for children and teenagers to grow in positive ways.

The impact of stress on our lives. Relaxation and relaxation skills

To expand our audience and strengthen community connections, we decided to start organizing charity events for CSS friends and residents of the Smart Yard co-working space where our office is located.

Through thorns to sport. How basketball changed the life values of orphans

LADA Charitable Foundation won the "Stronger with CSS. Sport for Development" Competition with the Cheburiada 3*3 project. We spoke to Natalia Samoilovskaya, the project's volunteer coordinator, and Inna Solyanova, the responsible volunteer, nine months later. The organizers shared the project's implementation, accomplishments, and future plans.

Happy birthday, dear David!


Announcing the winners of the "Stronger with CSS. Becoming self-sufficient"


International Day of Charity

Dear colleagues, we congratulate you on the International Day of Charity!

Announcing the winners of the "Stronger with CSS. Acting Together."

It is significant that the honor of announcing the winners of the "Stronger with CSS. Acting together" Competition fell on the Day of Knowledge. Today, experts, important adults, and institutions unite to help children (teenagers and young adults) learn more about themselves and the world around them and develop their skills for realizing their potential.

First graduate of the project and his success

Fedor, a 19 years old with hearing impaired. Thanks to the help of the teachers, he successfully finished the 11th grade and passed the university entrance exams!

Business and Society portal

The new strategic partnership

The "Stronger with CSS. Acting together" Competition is in full swing!

Tell how the qualifying stage of the competition is held

CF "Help Needed" our new partner

CSS Foundation has become an official partner of CF "Help Needed"

Adaptive sports in Magnitogorsk: from the project idea to a large development center for children with disabilities

In June 2023, the project "Sport on an Equal Basis for All" of the Metallurg Charitable Foundation, implemented with the support of the CSS Foundation, came to an end. The project systematically involved children with mental disabilities in skiing, roller skating, trampolining, and adaptive physical education in order to overcome difficulties in their physical and social development.

Assisted living - a crucial element of a full life for people with disabilities

We are keeping a close eye on the situation surrounding the issue of assisted living.

Portfolio of Social Competencies

School is a place where a large part of a child's life takes place. It is here that the personality is formed, talents are discovered, and the vector for the pupil's future professional development is set.

Inclusive Social and Pedagogical Support Center was created in the families with many children village

Summer is a good time to visit the winner of the CSS competitions, the "Family Tale" village.

Joining forces for a positive future for our children

A tragic case occurred in Belgorod that exposed a huge social problem.

Fishing, tents and volleyball

On June 19, our partner, the "Sport for All" Foundation, organized a sports and tourism camp for the participants of the "Volleyball for All" project, their parents and friends.

Help graduates of correctional schools fill gaps in their education move to a fundamentally new level of education

"All Up" important project, the winner of our "School of Opportunities" competition, which helps graduates of correctional school move to a fundamentally new level of education, enter and graduate from educational institutions, obtain a desired profession, and build a career.

The "Feel" project will help professionals better understand their clients

CSS supported еру project , which aims to increase the psychological competence of professionals working with young people with autism spectrum disorders, eating disorders, mood, self-control and experiencing PTSD.

Introductory webinar for the new competition

We would like to invite you to the introductory webinar for the new competition "Stronger with CSS. Becoming self-sufficienct"!


From 1 June we will be accepting applications for the "Stronger with CSS. BECOMING SELF-SUFFICIENT"!

The first charity sledge hockey tournament

On June 3, the first charity sledge hockey tournament "Hockey Unites" will be held in Moscow

Pskov keep winning

Our joint project with the Pskov Children's Foundation "Friendship Ball: Strengthening the family" ended a year ago. But how nice and important it is to understand, that children continue to train, compete and win!

The 5th All-Russian Adaptive Hockey Festival took place in Sochi

Nikiforos Parfeniotis, the sports project manager of the CSS Foundation, became the guest of honor at the 5th All-Russian Adaptive Hockey Festival.

We announce the start of the competition!

With joy and pride we announce the start of accepting applications for this year's first Contest "Stronger with CSS. Acting together."

Spread your Wings!

It's important to Mom! – the slogan of the project, which was supported by our foundation.

Participated in the benchmarking session

We discussed social projects dedicated to the problems of youth. The focus is on how the design, management, and involvement of stakeholders in projects that were recognized by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation as the best according to the results of the competition.

The International Sports Day

On the International Sports Day, there was a big discussion about how to measure the effect of social sports.

Want to be together: Regions

The results of the project "Want to be together: Regions" implemented by Autonomous non-profit organization of social services "Yom-Yom Inclusive Center"

Early Bird

In 2022, NGO “Star Rain” implemented the project "A comprehensive early intervention program for children with autism under the age of 5" in Chelyabinsk.

NGO Pulse

The project is implemented by the Center for Assessment of Public Initiatives of the National Research University Higher School of Economics with the expert support of the "Need for Help" Foundation.

Football for everyone

Samara Association of people with disabilities using wheelchairs “Desnitsa Association” has been implementing the project "Football for everyone" during the year 2022

The silver standard

The All-Russian Competition of Public Annual Reports of NPOs "Point of Reference"

More than Care

The results of the project "More than Care" implemented by the Diakonia Center "Touch" for families raising children with mental developmental disabilities

The winners of the Competition "Stronger with CSS. School of Opportunities"


The results of the "Stronger with CSS 2021" winning project "Happy at Home"

The project was implemented by the Interregional Public Charity Organization supporting children "He Needs You".

International Volleyball Day in Rostov-on-Don

Sports Festival, dedicated to the International Volleyball Day

Patronus lawyers are ready to answer your charity beneficiaries' questions


The exhibition "Mixed feelings" opened in Murmansk


CSS's meaningful contribution to the direction of Alpha-Endo program

Complex help for families in difficult life situation raising children with diabetes mellitus.

Family Trust is the key to insight

Training seminars for specialists in psychological and social support of crisis families in the Kaliningrad region.

Cheburiada 2023

The All-Russian Basketball Sports Festival

Hockey unites

Roller sledge hockey master classes in the Kostroma region

Sports New Year

for children with mental disabilities and their families

Roller sledge hockey

CSS and the Adaptive Hockey Federation open up new opportunities for boarding school students!

Where does Motivation start?

project CSS with the Tyumen Mountaineering Federation on adaptive climbing “I can!”

Results of the interregional conference

"Routes of assistance as a system of support for families raising children with autism and other mental developmental disabilities."

Volleyball for All

The current section on adaptive volleyball

Stronger with CSS. School of Opportunities



The premiere of the film "White Unicorn"

about foster parenthood, filmed with the support of CSS

Higher, Faster, Stronger!

master a class on bouldering

What Is ESG and why it’s important?

“ESG–(R)Evolution”, where they were once again convinced of the importance and urgency of the ESG topic

The first festival of foster families

of the Udmurt Republic-2022

Alfa-Endo Program

comprehensive assistance to families with children with diabetes in difficult life situation

News from our partner

- ANO «Diaconical Center Touch»

ANO «My Family»

and our joint project «Exit»

Dear colleagues and friends!

It is a great honor for me to become Natalia Kovalenko's successor as President of CSS Foundation.

Message from Natalia Kovalenko

Dear friends, colleagues, partners!

20th anniversary conference of the Donor Forum

Президент CSS Наталия Коваленко и директор по проектной деятельности Ольга Суслова посетили юбилейную, двадцатую конференцию Форума доноров, которая прошла 4 и 5 октября в Москве.


News from the winners of the «Stronger with CSS»

In the last days of September, a sports city tournament was held in Samara between the teams of the Football for All project


“We want to be together: regions”

The wide program of the Forum, which held from September 22 to 24, included a presentation of the practices of inclusive education for preschool children


September, 20 is a special day for CSS

because today is our founder David Russell's birthday!

News from the winners of the «Stronger with CSS»

Online Adaptation and habilitation center for foster partnership

Annual Report 2021

We have published CSS main achievements over the past year



Important information!

Dear applicants of the grant program «Stronger with CSS. School of Opportunities»!

Important information

Dear applicants of the grant program “Stronger with CSS. School of Opportunities”!

Our finalists!

In CSS we have two favorite days: when we announce the start of grant program and when we announce the finalists

Family Center “School of Joy”

Today we would like to share the news of the project “Family Center “School of Joy” of the charity center “Hesed Tikva” in Bryansk, Russia.

"My son can do everything!"

Such important words, and we are happy that they are spoken by the parents of the participants of the teenage group of the Open Doors project.

The 4th All-Russian Fonbet Adaptive Hockey

CSS Project Development Director Olga Suslova returned from Sochi, where the 4th All-Russian Fonbet Adaptive Hockey

Meeting of the Donor Forum PR-club

Yesterday in CSS office we held a meeting of the Donor Forum PR-club, an association of large grant-giving organizations in Russia

Inspiring numbers!

From the winner of the grant program "Stronger with CSS" - the Charity Foundation for the Promotion of the family device "Find a family"

News from the winners of the «Stronger with CSS» grant program

The first developmental classes have started in the "It's Important for Mom" project of the "Spread Your Wings" charity foundation


We share the presentation and the link to the webinar for the grant program

Our Telegram channel and VKontakte group

Dear friends, colleagues and partners! We want to stay in touch with you and expand our channels of communication.

We continue to develop our new contests

Another experts meeting took place this week. This time, the focus was on the topic of supporting families with children and child-parent relationships.

The Starting Point-2021

CSS received the silver standard of the annual report 2020 in the "The Starting Point-2021" competition!

We have created a ВКонтакте

We are waiting for everyone in our friendly CSS family, now on a new account

Assisted Accommodation and Employment

Yesterday we met with experts in the field of Assisted Accommodation and Employment in the CSS office.

More than Care

On International Women's Day we want to share the news of the «More than Care» project

Congratulations on the holiday of spring!

Congratulations to all girls, women, mothers and grandmothers on the holiday of spring!


We don't just keep working. We are launching a new contest as part of our “Stronger with CSS” program

CSS continues to work

Dear colleagues, partners, friends, we want to reach out to everyone whose projects are funded by the Stronger with CSS program and to those who are about to apply for the competition.

We have created a telegram channel

To stay in touch in any situation, we have created a telegram channel

First webinar dedicated to the current Sports for Development competition

We continue to accept applications under the “Stronger with CSS” grant program

Today we want to tell about one unusual project called "Urban Investigation"

On February 19, an art residence for teenagers from the city of Polyarny, who are registered with the Commission on Juvenile Affairs, and study at schools and colleges of the city, began its work


February 22, 2022 at 11:00 am (Moscow time)

The news everyone has been waiting for

Today, February 15, we start accepting applications for the STRONGER WITH CSS. SPORT FOR DEVELOPMENT».

We continue to tell you about the winning projects of our grant program

“Our Children” Foundation shared impressive results for January (project "Do not spill water")

Our foundation has become a member of the Donor forum - an association of the largest grant-giving organizations operating in Russia

This is the only association of foundations and companies in our country systematically engaged in charitable activities.

Stronger with CSS 2022

The most frequent and popular question in our direct is, of course, the start dates for accepting applications for grants under the “Stronger with CSS” program.

Pleasant surprises from partners - this is what CSS team will remember this week!

The Raul Charity Foundation came specially from St. Petersburg to our office to congratulate us on the 3rd anniversary.

CSS turned 3 years!

Our team congratulates and thanks the founder of CSS foundation - David Russell! Without you, none of this would have been possible.

Support Service: Social Patronage of Families in a Difficult Life Situation

We continue to tell you about the winning projects of our grant program. Today we will talk about the project "Support Service: Social Patronage of Families in a Difficult Life Situation".

The ABC of a Happy Family - Regional Schools of Conscious Parents

As promised, tell in detail what joint long-term results we managed to achieve with the winners of the “Stronger with CSS” program.

Our plans for January

We hope you had a great long holidays and, like CSS team, are energized for new challenges in 2022.

Some numbers and results of the year

Dear friends, colleagues and partners!
Traditionally - some numbers and results of the year in our December video.

Happy birthday, Natalia Kovalenko!

Today we congratulate the president of our foundation, Natalia Kovalenko, on her birthday!

CSS was included in the Top-10: The Best Missions of Russian Non-Profit Organizations

At the end of the year, it is customary to share achievements, and soon we will definitely tell you about what we managed to create and bring to life in 2021. In the meantime, we are glad to share the good news: our foundation was included in the Top-10: The Best Missions of Russian Non-Profit Organizations according to the version of the Greenhouse of Social Technologies.

New Year's holidays are coming and with them all related thematic events and master classes

So the guys from the Career Guidance group of Downside up charity foundation painted clay toys under the guidance of the jeweler Sergey Zamyshlyaev.

News from our partners - "Find a Family" CF

Last month 140 families with 278 foster children received assistance in four support centers for foster families "Find a Family" (Krasnodar, Moscow Region-South, Moscow Region-North and Gatchina, Leningrad Region).

Partners annual meeting

Our partners annual meeting took place on 30 November, for the first time offline.

One of the topics of the next "Stronger with CSS" will be sports

Today CSS hosted a meeting of specialized experts in the field of sports.

Russian Taekwondo GTF Championship

From November 24 to November 28, the Russian Taekwondo GTF Championship and Championship is held in Kazan.