Annual Report 2021

We have published CSS main achievements over the past year



Important information!

Dear applicants of the grant program «Stronger with CSS. School of Opportunities»!

Important information

Dear applicants of the grant program “Stronger with CSS. School of Opportunities”!

Our finalists!

In CSS we have two favorite days: when we announce the start of grant program and when we announce the finalists

"My son can do everything!"

Such important words, and we are happy that they are spoken by the parents of the participants of the teenage group of the Open Doors project.

Family Center “School of Joy”

Today we would like to share the news of the project “Family Center “School of Joy” of the charity center “Hesed Tikva” in Bryansk, Russia.

The 4th All-Russian Fonbet Adaptive Hockey

CSS Project Development Director Olga Suslova returned from Sochi, where the 4th All-Russian Fonbet Adaptive Hockey

Meeting of the Donor Forum PR-club

Yesterday in CSS office we held a meeting of the Donor Forum PR-club, an association of large grant-giving organizations in Russia

Inspiring numbers!

From the winner of the grant program "Stronger with CSS" - the Charity Foundation for the Promotion of the family device "Find a family"

News from the winners of the «Stronger with CSS» grant program

The first developmental classes have started in the "It's Important for Mom" project of the "Spread Your Wings" charity foundation


Our Telegram channel and VKontakte group

Dear friends, colleagues and partners! We want to stay in touch with you and expand our channels of communication.

We continue to develop our new contests

Another experts meeting took place this week. This time, the focus was on the topic of supporting families with children and child-parent relationships.

The Starting Point-2021

CSS received the silver standard of the annual report 2020 in the "The Starting Point-2021" competition!

We have created a ВКонтакте

We are waiting for everyone in our friendly CSS family, now on a new account

Assisted Accommodation and Employment

Yesterday we met with experts in the field of Assisted Accommodation and Employment in the CSS office.

More than Care

On International Women's Day we want to share the news of the «More than Care» project

Congratulations on the holiday of spring!

Congratulations to all girls, women, mothers and grandmothers on the holiday of spring!


We don't just keep working. We are launching a new contest as part of our “Stronger with CSS” program

CSS continues to work

Dear colleagues, partners, friends, we want to reach out to everyone whose projects are funded by the Stronger with CSS program and to those who are about to apply for the competition.

We have created a telegram channel

To stay in touch in any situation, we have created a telegram channel

First webinar dedicated to the current Sports for Development competition

We continue to accept applications under the “Stronger with CSS” grant program

Today we want to tell about one unusual project called "Urban Investigation"

On February 19, an art residence for teenagers from the city of Polyarny, who are registered with the Commission on Juvenile Affairs, and study at schools and colleges of the city, began its work


February 22, 2022 at 11:00 am (Moscow time)

The news everyone has been waiting for

Today, February 15, we start accepting applications for the STRONGER WITH CSS. SPORT FOR DEVELOPMENT».

We continue to tell you about the winning projects of our grant program

“Our Children” Foundation shared impressive results for January (project "Do not spill water")

Our foundation has become a member of the Donor forum - an association of the largest grant-giving organizations operating in Russia

This is the only association of foundations and companies in our country systematically engaged in charitable activities.

Stronger with CSS 2022

The most frequent and popular question in our direct is, of course, the start dates for accepting applications for grants under the “Stronger with CSS” program.

Pleasant surprises from partners - this is what CSS team will remember this week!

The Raul Charity Foundation came specially from St. Petersburg to our office to congratulate us on the 3rd anniversary.

CSS turned 3 years!

Our team congratulates and thanks the founder of CSS foundation - David Russell! Without you, none of this would have been possible.

Support Service: Social Patronage of Families in a Difficult Life Situation

We continue to tell you about the winning projects of our grant program. Today we will talk about the project "Support Service: Social Patronage of Families in a Difficult Life Situation".

The ABC of a Happy Family - Regional Schools of Conscious Parents

As promised, tell in detail what joint long-term results we managed to achieve with the winners of the “Stronger with CSS” program.

Our plans for January

We hope you had a great long holidays and, like CSS team, are energized for new challenges in 2022.

Some numbers and results of the year

Dear friends, colleagues and partners!
Traditionally - some numbers and results of the year in our December video.

Happy birthday, Natalia Kovalenko!

Today we congratulate the president of our foundation, Natalia Kovalenko, on her birthday!

CSS was included in the Top-10: The Best Missions of Russian Non-Profit Organizations

At the end of the year, it is customary to share achievements, and soon we will definitely tell you about what we managed to create and bring to life in 2021. In the meantime, we are glad to share the good news: our foundation was included in the Top-10: The Best Missions of Russian Non-Profit Organizations according to the version of the Greenhouse of Social Technologies.

New Year's holidays are coming and with them all related thematic events and master classes

So the guys from the Career Guidance group of Downside up charity foundation painted clay toys under the guidance of the jeweler Sergey Zamyshlyaev.

News from our partners - "Find a Family" CF

Last month 140 families with 278 foster children received assistance in four support centers for foster families "Find a Family" (Krasnodar, Moscow Region-South, Moscow Region-North and Gatchina, Leningrad Region).

Partners annual meeting

Our partners annual meeting took place on 30 November, for the first time offline.

One of the topics of the next "Stronger with CSS" will be sports

Today CSS hosted a meeting of specialized experts in the field of sports.

Russian Taekwondo GTF Championship

From November 24 to November 28, the Russian Taekwondo GTF Championship and Championship is held in Kazan.

Presentation of the book "How to organize leisure for children and adolescents with developmental disabilities"

Today, within the framework of cooperation between the Naked Heart and CSS, two foundations present the book "How to organize leisure for children and adolescents with developmental disabilities".

«Stronger with CSS» charity program winners

Today is a special day for the entire CSS team, as we are ready to announce the winners of the Stronger with CSS grant program to support the NGO. We want to thank each applicant - we know what a titanic work you do every day! This time, the fund's team, together with the expert council, identified 16 projects.

Glued at the hip

In the summer, “Our Children" foundation received our grant for Complex work with families in crisis, where there is a risk taking children to the orphanage (in the city of Smolensk and the Smolensk region).

Our team is already thinking about the charity program for NGOs 2022

"Stronger with CSS" program has not ended yet this year, and our team is already thinking about the formats of the charity program for NGOs in 2022.

News from our partners

News from our partners - winners of “Stronger with CSS” charity program:
In October, as part of the creation of an inclusive center for social and pedagogical support "Big Change" in Novosibirsk, a business trip took place to a regional base in this city.

We have completed interviews with potential finalists of "Stronger with CSS"

The last three days have been busy - we have completed interviews with potential finalists of "Stronger with CSS" charity program.

Conference “A family raising a child with special needs. Psychological assistance in different contexts”

Today we want to tell about III Conference “A family raising a child with special needs. Psychological assistance in different contexts ”, which has been held thanks to the financial support of our foundation.

Why CSS?

CSS charity foundation has a very interesting name history.

The Circle project

Today we want to share the results of our project “Circle. The system of comprehensive assistance to children with disabilities ”.

"Stronger with CSS 2021". Less than a month left

Less than a month left before the announcement of "Stronger with CSS" winners.

The first successes of the "School of Joy" project

At the beginning of September, we wrote about the start of the project "Family Center" School of Joy "of the regional Bryansk Jewish community and charitable center" Hesed Tikva ". Today we are happy to tell about the first successes of his students and share some photos.

Start of new project "Developing Together"

Today we would like to inform you about the start of new project "Developing Together: Group Classes for Families with Children with Disabilities from 2.5 to 18 Years", which our foundation implements in cooperation with the ANO "Assistance".

Project recruitment

Our partner, winner of "Stronger with CSS" charity program - ANO "Worthy Special World" invites students and specialists of the fields "psychology", "social pedagogy", "special education and rehabilitation" to take part in the "Important help" project (training of specialists and volunteers to accompany people with mental disabilities).

Personalized webinars for NGOs

Dear Colleagues,
CSS Foundation, together with “Space for Communication” center, has developed a series of unique personalized webinars for NGOs that supervise families with children with disabilities.

Moscow Donors Forum Conference

Today we want to tell you about Moscow Donors Forum Conference. It is a key discussion platform for practitioners of philanthropy and social investment in Russia. The annual conference brings together leading experts in the field of philanthropy and social investment, representatives of business, charitable foundations, government bodies and the scientific and academic community.

Online workshop for NGOs

Our partners, «Stronger with CSS» program winners - the Solar City Charitable Foundation is launching an online workshop for NGOs working in the field of child protection.

Our first annual report for 2020

Today is a big day for the whole CSS team - we've published our first annual report for 2020, which we've been working on over the past few months!

Happy birthday, David Russell!

Today, September 20 is the birthday of CSS Founder, our leader and mastermind David Russell!

Give a Profession program

In our stories, you can often see how school-age children learn the skills of different professions. This is the Give a Profession program of Good deeds bureau charity foundation, supported by CSS.

Developing Together

And we continue a series of posts about our business trips to partners throughout Russia. Victoria Petrukhina visited the Autonomous Nonprofit Organization "Assistance Center for families of children with disabilities" in Rostov-on-Don.

School of Joy

We are happy to announce the start of the project "Family Center School of Joy" (on the basis of the regional Bryansk regional Jewish community and charitable center" Hesed Tikva”). It became possible to fully implement this project thanks to our support within the framework of “Stronger with CSS” grant program.

Happy Knowledge Day!

Today we congratulate all those involved with the Day of Knowledge: schoolchildren, teachers, parents! But separately we would like to highlight and congratulate the participants of the project "Support talents with CSS", which we are implementing together with the "Start to Life".

Partnership for Every Child

We are starting a series of posts about our business trips and personal acquaintances with CSS grantees. Olga Suslova returned from St. Petersburg, where she met her colleagues from the Partnership for Every Child Foundation.

Intensive course for program students in the "Coalition" school

Within the framework of our project "Supporting Talent with CSS" (together with "Start to Life" charity foundation), we financed an intensive course for program students in the "Coalition" school. In the video, the participants of the program themselves told about their impressions.

Shalash for parents

In the near future, a course of classes for parents from crisis families "Shalash for parents" is being launched. This is made possible thanks to CSS grant support.

ABC of a happy family

Today we want to tell you about «ABC of a happy family» project - regional clubs. Parent Clubs "ABC of a Family" are weekly meetings in online or offline format under the ABC of a Happy Family program. 30 Lessons of Conscious Parenting”, developed by experienced psychologists and educators.

Partner of the month

Partner of the month - Williams Syndrome Charitable Foundation, where with the support of CSS, the project "Rare Lessons" has been successfully completed. This is a series of video tutorials for children and adolescents with mental disabilities.

New office

Despite the summer season, August is rich in events for CSS: several projects are being completed, which we will talk about in the near future, and a grant competition for NGOs is being launched. And now we meet busy working days in our new office.

Oops…we did it again

CSS Launches "Stronger with CSS-2021" grant program for NGOs.

Our program staff

From time to time we receive questions about how CSS works and what our team does during the competition and outside of the competition procedures. Today we will tell you about the program staff - those people with whom our winners and partners communicate directly.

Ball Friendship: Family Strengthening

This is the name of our new joint project with the Pskov Regional Office of the Russian Children's Fund.

The first season of online training is over

The first season of online training for young people with autism and mental disabilities is over. The project, supported by CSS, was implemented by the Smart Environment Charity Foundation.

Summer camp in "Family Fairytale"

In the village "Family Fairytale" (Novosibirsk, Russia) a summer camp "Big Change" has started.

School of IT Design and 3D Modeling

Since October 2020, the Cherepovets city public organization "I CAN!", the winner of the "Stronger with CSS" grant competition, has been implementing the project "School of IT Design and 3D Modeling".

Project “Toropyzhki”

A few years ago, one mother from Denmark tied an octopus toy with spiral tentacles for her premature baby After baby spent some time with the toy, he became calmer, and his breathing returned to normal. Such therapeutic toys began to spread throughout the world. They came to Holland, Sweden, Belgium, and then to Russia.

All-Russian conference from Downside Up foundation

Few days ago a two-day All-Russian scientific-practical conference was held on the topic “Ethics of interaction with a person with mental characteristics and his loved ones. The role of NGOs in organizing support and support: problems and solutions" from our partners Downside Up charity foundation.

Naked Heart Online

With CSS financial support, Naked Heart Foundation is preparing a practical guide with video materials for everyone involved in leisure activities of people with autism. The entire package of teaching materials will appear in the fall of 2021.

Project "Patronus". Results

We have already told you about our project "Patronus". Let us remind that this is a specialized legal service that provides free, fast-response, highly professional assistance throughout Russia. And we want to end this working week with fantastic results that our colleagues have shown in the work of the service.

Dreams and Reality

Meeting of the Ethics Club “Dreams and Reality in the Evaluation of Social Projects. Critical, honest and merciless ”, which was attended by our president, Natalia Kovalenko.

Meeting with our long-term partners

We were glad to meet and discuss past and future projects with our long-term partners - Big Change charity foundation.

CSS Charity Foundation wishes you a Happy International Children's Day!

This is a special dayfor us, because our foundation supports projects aimed at solving problems of children and families. In 2020, we helped 2,000 families and 1,500 children become stronger and happier.

CSS team visited the “Children+” charity foundation

Last week CSS team visited the office of our partners “Children +” charity foundation.

Meet the winners of "Stronger with CSS" 2021!

With joy and excitement, we are ready to announce the winners of «Stronger with CSS» grant program. Thanks to the increased budget of the competition in 2021, we will be able to finance 24 Russian charitable foundations!

Partner of the month

Time of "partner of the month" rubric and now it becomes GTF Taekwondo Federation in the Republic of Tatarstan.

New people on our team

At CSS, we try not to stop, our goals and scope are growing, and the fund's team is growing as well.

Russian Taekwondo GTF Cup 2021

On April 25-30, the Russian Taekwondo GTF Cup is held in the Moscow region, children with intellectual disabilities are competing as well.

Round table

The Presidential Grants Fund, together with the Donors' Forum, held a round table yesterday, at which a barometer of grant competitions was presented, as well as research on the development of corporate philanthropy.

Big Brothers Big Sisters

Meanwhile, our joint mentoring program with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Russia is developing in full. The program implies individual selection and training of mentors for children from orphanages aged 9 to 23 years.

There are no other people's children

Khabarovsk regional public organization “There are no other people's children” with CSS support opened 2 branches in Birobidzhan and Komsomolsk-on-Amur cities (Russia).

Acceptance of applications is closed. What's next?

Dear “Stronger with CSS” grant applicants, CSS team would like to thank you for your interest. We have received about 200 applications.

2 days left

CSS team kindly remind that this week we are closing the call for grant proposals “Stronger with CSS” grant program. Those who have not yet sent us their projects, hurry up, there are 2 days left!

Today is World Down Syndrome Day

The twenty-first day of the third month was chosen because Down syndrome is associated with 3 copies of chromosome 21.

Project "Rare Lessons"

The Williams Syndrome Charity Foundation, with CSS support, has launched “Rare Lessons” project. This is a series of video tutorials for children with mental disabilities.

Project "Patronus"

We are always pleased to talk about projects supported by our foundation. But it is doubly pleasant to share with you the fantastic results of these projects.

25 days left

Long holidays are coming and we know what you will be doing in the next three days!

"Hockey Family Camp" in Karelia

CSS has supported the inclusive hockey intensive "Hockey Family Camp" in Karelia, Russia.

Stronger with CSS. New version

Dear colleagues and future partners, we rested, slept, strengthened the team and are ready to plunge into a new round of «Stronger with CSS» grant program.

The news you've been waiting for!

CSS Launches Updated "Stronger with CSS-2021" grant program for NGOs.

CSS turned 2 years today!

It is customary to invite friends for a birthday, and today we started day in the most beautiful way, inviting 46 colleagues and like-minded people to our first online meeting.

Stronger with CSS 2021

Without many words. Stronger with CSS 2021 program starts on February, 15.

Meeting with the Naked Heart Foundation

Finally we have the long-awaited and pleasant meeting with colleagues and “Stronger with CSS” winners, Naked Heart Foundation.

Our team has grown

In the first work week of 2021, we would like to introduce you to our new director of program activities.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, our dear friends, partners and future applicants! We wish strength, energy, goodness, health and inspiration to all of us.

Sledge hockey

Recently our team visited the children's sledge hockey league. On the eve of the new year, we exchanged plans, ideas and, of course, gifts. We also met the league's mascot, a raccoon named Fyrk.


At the end of the year, it is customary to sum up the results. For us, the best and most pleasant result is "Stronger with CSS" winners announcement.

Natalia Kovalenko was appointed President of the CSS Foundation

Dear colleagues and friends, we have important changes. Natalia Kovalenko, who previously headed the Foundation's program activities, was appointed President of the CSS Foundation.


In the 2020-2021 season, we support Hockey Family Camp, a project of physical rehabilitation and social adaptation of children with disabilities through participation in inclusive hockey intensives. The program of events is adapted to suit the abilities of children with disabilities, while it does not limit healthy children in any way.

Throw it away? No way!

Have you ever gone to a repair cafe? Most likely not, because in Russia there are almost none. This is the format of a social workshop where people repair bicycles, computers, phones, clothes and household utensils brought from home for free.

Become stronger with CSS

2020 has become a test of strength for almost everyone. Realizing that in the midst of a pandemic, NGOs are forced to urgently update their social assistance mechanisms, we launched «Stronger with CSS» grant program and were not mistaken. This summer, we received over 500 applications from charity foundations, 17 of which became program winners and have been implementing their projects since October thanks to CSS funding.

Expert comments

The misson of our foundation is to help NGOs and charities that help vulnerable Russian families become stronger. Primarily through our “Stronger with CSS” grant competition. Therefore, we are very attentive to your comments, questions and wishes, and today, upon numerous requests, we are ready to disclose the main comments of the experts.

CSS answers the questions

The CSS Foundation team answers the most popular questions of recent months.

Autumn becomes warmer with CSS

Last week we visited our friends Space for communication center and even saw the lesson for a group of children aged 10+.

Results of "Stronger with CSS" grant program

We have been waiting for this day no less than you. The day we will announce the winners of our first “Stronger with CSS” grant competition.

We visited our partners - the Second Wind Foundation

Today we visited our partners - the Second Wind Foundation. SW team extends the life of things and helps you lead a sustainable and conscious lifestyle.

Second round of “Stronger with CSS” competition

CSS Charity Foundation is ready to announce the second round of “Stronger with CSS” grant program for NGOs.



We received so many applications from NGOs and we want to thank each applicant.

3 days left

While telegram channels and FB groups writing about charity remind of the last days of our “Stronger with CSS” grant program, we decided to tell you about next steps.

Our team has grown even more

Our team has grown even more, and we are pleased to introduce you to our new project manager Sofia Berezkina.

The Family Inclusive Camp for children with mental disabilities

We are pleased to announce that our foundation has supported another wonderful project - the Family Inclusive Camp for children with mental disabilities.

Project “Zaluzhie”

After the announcement of “Stronger with CSS” charity program, we received not only new applications, but questions as well: what/who is CSS? With whom CSS cooperates?

3 questions to Natalia Kovalenko

Only 3 days have passed since the announcement of “Stronger with CSS”, charity program, but we have already received applications from different parts of Russia. To help applicants to figure out what our foundation is going to finance and what projects we prefer, in our rubric #3questions we talked with Natalia Kovalenko, director of project activities.

Stronger with CSS: We are waiting for your projects!

Now it's official! Today, on June 1, we are launching a charity program for NGOs “Stronger with CSS”.

Stronger with CSS

During the period of several months, we have been working hard on a new grant program that will help many NGOs realize their projects.

3 questions to Natalia Conroy

We often introduce our partners, projects and beneficiaries to you, however we rarely talk about ourselves. That’s why, not everybody knows how our foundation is organized and who the members of our team are. So today we are starting a #3questions rubric to give you a chance to meet us, to share our current tasks and plans for the future.

UMKA online now

Someone has already managed to get tired of life online, and someone is just beginning to learn all the delights of communication and activities through Zoom and Skype.

Support talents with CSS

An extension of quarantine for another 2 weeks is no reason to stop. CSS Foundation and “Start in life” charity foundation has teamed up to launch the “Support Talents with CSS” project.

Workshop "Children in a Difficult Situation: Between Family and State Care"

As we already wrote, the work of CSS foundation in the new conditions has completely switched to online mode. But this fact did not become a reason to miss important meetings and events in the industry. So, last week ended with a workshop “Children in a Difficult Situation: Between Family and State Care”, which was visited by our foundation’s president Natalya Conroy and strategic development director Alexandra Telitsyna. Of course, online.


So many online lessons have been done with CSS support from September 2019 to March 2020 as part of the Distance Learning project of Center of equal opportunities Step Up.

Stay home, but effective

Despite the stayhome mode, we continue to work. Of course, in the new conditions. And our partners, whose projects we support, are also adapting to the changing circumstances. Alexandra Telitsyna held an online meeting with the Space for Communication center and found out how they were doing.

How can everyone improve the world today?

Dear friends, Now we are all going through hard times. But we know that any crisis opens up new possibilities as well. For example, now each of us can do charity work without the help of funds, millions of fees and publicity in media.

CSS Foundation has decided to move on online operation

Like many companies all over the world, CSS Foundation has decided to move on online operation - we care about the health and safety of people we help, our team and colleagues.

Mishmash, but according to plan

We decided to write about programs and activities that are implemented with the support of our foundation.

Happy World NGO day!

Today, February, 27 the whole world celebrates World NGO Day. This holiday is an occasion to express gratitude and appreciation to non-profit organizations for their indifference, support for those who most need help, for their contribution to solving social problems.

Round table “Certificate for housing for orphans: you can’t put off the launch”

It's no secret that the CSS foundation team is concerned about children independent living - graduates of orphanages. When a child has parents, they can often help with buying a new property or to allocate a share in family property. Children without parental care have no such chance. Alexandra Telitsyna took part in the round table “Certificate for housing for orphans: you can’t put off the launch”.

Strategy development director Alexandra Telitsyna took part in working group meeting.

Strategy development director Alexandra Telitsyna, member of the working group "The Child and His Right to Family" in the Russian national project "Decade of childhood", took part in working group meeting.

Last week CSS team took part in a business breakfast

Last week CSS team took part in a business breakfast on the occasion of Philgood project launch at the MMOMA Education Center.