CSS Foundation

CSS Charity Foundation was registered in Russia in February 2019. We finance projects of Russian non-profit organizations that implement programs for children and families in difficult life situations


Our mission is to make NGOs helping vulnerable Russian families with children stronger

Our goal is to build an effective partner network that can help families in difficult situations anywhere in Russia. Enable and empower children from underprivileged groups to become successful and productive, to have fulfilling lives and give back to communities


Lines of work

Support to families in order to avoid institutionalization

Support to education in order to level up the chances for success of the children from underprivileged groups

Vocational training and mentoring in the process of integration to a work place to secure successful and productive work lives

Inclusion as an instrument to socialize all groups of children and make the society (communities) open and tolerant

Adaptive sport and creative activities to assist the target audience in developing harmoniously and actively; to socialize successfully

Support to community centers in poorer regions in partnership with local NGOs to provide all services mentioned above