Project "Patronus"

We are always pleased to talk about projects supported by our foundation. But it is doubly pleasant to share with you the fantastic results of these projects.

Families received 18,000,000 rubles of one-time payments and compensations within the framework of the Patronus joint project (a project of the CSS Foundation and the Space of Communication Center) for just a few months. But first things first.

Patronus is a specialized legal service that provides free, fast-response, highly professional assistance throughout Russia. It is a kind of magical superpower to support families where a child with special needs, mental or physical functional limitations is growing up. Due to the low legal awareness of citizens, and sometimes the incompetence of representatives of public services or situations of direct violation of rights, the help of a qualified lawyer is absolutely invaluable. Parents who apply to Patronus through the electronic registration form on the website of the Center for Communication, can receive consultations, explanations, drafting complaints, statements, procedural documents, and legal support of cases. This is especially important when the child has the right to housing, medicine, and quality medical care, but the parents cannot exercise it themselves. In addition, the center's specialists pay great attention to increasing the competence and awareness of parents of children with disabilities: they teach step-by-step instructions for solving legal problems, give lectures, record short videos, and conduct expert webinars.

The day before, we met with representatives of the Space of Communication Center Irina Dolotova, Anastasia Ryazanova and Svetlana Viktorova. They discussed the incredible success and the highest efficiency of the project. Given the fantastic performance, we have decided to continue funding Patronus after the end of the current grant.